Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 11

Twin Cities rap mixtape roundup, Vol. 11

I'm damn excited to type a two digit number on this mix, and happy as always to present another mix of local tracks. Keep an eye out for something special on the anniversary of this mix.

Gimme Noise Mixtape Roundup April by gimmedatnoisedoe


Mulit-talented St. Paul producer/rapper teams up with Meta for a spacy, chilled-out track that likely will find its way onto his upcoming solo release. The atmospheric funk and slight vocal tweeks in Tek's self-produced joint fit nicely alongside Meta's H.I.P., establishing a defined sound that helps to shake up the confines of what one might expect Twin Cities rap to adhere to.


Ox's "Death Of A Salesman" has a soulful run of beats and some vivid lyricism throughout its 21 tracks. The project is deeply rooted in the classic East Coast mold, and Ox brings enough of himself into the styles of the greats to keep it fresh and interesting.


Being an Audio Perm affiliate tends to mean you get consistently dope beats, and the case is definitely true for Fresh Squeeze MC 80H20 on his recently dropped solo effort "Just Another Northeast Story." Bringing politics, a sense of self and some good energy to a solid cadre of bangers, the project is another strong turn for the Audio Perm crew.


SICK gives us the "Definition of Real" at the Lounge on May 3, holding it down, as always, for Still Real Records. The impressive roster even offers a contest to be added to the set. "Switch Wips Like Kicks" says it all.

@quatic Son

On a beat via Jaisu, @quatic is solo here with the shortest of the mix; a tightly constructed diss that previews the "Son of Poseidon" EP. The man sways heavy as always, and the songs punch suggest a stellar project ahead.

Mac Irv

"Only 4 The Real" serves as a nice introduction to Mac Irv's upcoming "Inner Thoughts" project, serving as a mission statement for his successes: "I don't wanna be the story about what could have been". Mac Irv is celebrating the release of his second mixtape with a show this Thursday at the Imperials Room with That Guy Soda, as well as an open bar and buffet with cover.

Nickle Nelly and Ambrose

Collaborative effort "Empty Handed" brings Wesley Opus for an indeed hungry song. Rapfam comes again and manages to prove both members as individuals and as a duo.


The 20th of April has a history of quality releases, and Atmosphere's keyboardist Erick Anderson has been counting down to his own with new releases each day preceding. "The Jovian Nomad" comes highly anticipated, after having been introduced to any or all of the 24 precursors out so far. Here we find a remix of Erykah Badu'sm "Real Thing", with some real sick composition work.

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