Twin Cities Nets and the Nomad raise funds to fight malaria

Hard to imagine that something so small could make someone so sick, but it’s true. Some hundred years later malaria is still a major health threat across the world.

This Sunday the Nomad World Pub (501 Cedar Ave. S) hosts the Nothing but Nets Benefit, which has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with providing protective netting in hopes to prevent the spread of malaria. The event starts 5 p.m. Admission will set you back a mere $10, the cost to supply and distribute an insecticide-treated bed net to an area of the world affected by malaria.

Entertainment will include live music by funk band Cheetah Nunchuck, with a silent auction, food, and drink. Nothing but Nets is a U.N.–affiliated program that distributes protective nets throughout the world.

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