Twin Cities named #7 destination for live rock music in the U.S.


We love a good graph. All those vertices, nodes, and endpoints... and don't even get us started on arcs. It'll just get us all worked up. So we were psyched to find a graph today telling us that the Twin Cities is amongst the top 10 cities for live rock music in the U.S.

We already knew our Cities rocked, but now we know just how much.

[jump] Of course, no study is perfect, and this one compiled by Songkick is pretty bare-bones. The music streaming site took a gander at 2010 tour dates for artists who fall under the broad category of "rock music," then ranked the cities with the most bands coming through per capita.

This method puts our metro area at a small disadvantage, considering that there are several months out of the year where it is fucking freezing here and touring bands stop coming through, and also doesn't factor in the vast sea of local bands gigging here on a daily basis.

But really, we're just splitting hairs. We won! We won! Let's all do a little dance to celebrate how much we rock.

Also cool to note: Our average ticket prices are some of the lowest in the top 10, making us some serious frugal, politely rocking little Midwesterners.


Here's the graph for your perusal:

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