Twin Cities fall 2012 country music concert round-up

Dwight Yoakam (is not actually) assaulting his drummer, Mystic Lake Casino 2011
Dwight Yoakam (is not actually) assaulting his drummer, Mystic Lake Casino 2011
Photo by Nikki Miller

It's f-in' freezin' out, a sure sign the season of county fairs and porta-a-pottyin' at WE Fest has now passed, and the time of warm, toasty indoor casino shows is nigh. With the autumn comes ample opportunity to gaze upon Carrie Underwood's beautiful hair extensions (they're fake, right?), learn what Robbie Fulks would like to do to Nashville (it involves the F-word), and be called offensive names by Kenny Rogers (it involves the R-word).

Read on for all the sordid details.

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Carrie Underwood at the Target Center
Thursday September 27, 7:30, $46-66

Carrie Underwood's real perty. I mean, we don't mean to reduce her music career to her looks. I mean, who are we kidding - yes we do.

Greensky Bluegrass at the Cabooze
Thursday September 27, 8:30, $12

Expect quality, true and often "jammy" bluegrass from this Kalamazoo-based five-piece outfit tonight at the Cabooze. As such, also expect lots of barefoot hippy types.

Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers with Stephanie Nilles at the Eagle's Club
Friday September 28, 8:00, $6

We're big fans of Klatt & Company, and especially of their recent collaborative release, Mississippi Roll, a celebration of all Americana's intersections as they've traveled north up the Mississippi and west from big ol' cities out East. Consider also the bill's addition of New Orleanian Stephanie Nilles, a quick jivin' piana player with whom Klatt will be embarking on a month-long tour following Friday night's Eagle's Club appearance, and this show's a sure-bet. According to her bio, Nilles has a voice "that would make Jelly Roll Morton look orthodox and Ma Rainey look sober," and

Rolling Stone

likened her to "Ella Fitzgerald on speed beating the shit out of Regina Spektor." Don't believe her bio? Check her out for yourself because it's apt as all hell.

Kathleen Edwards with Jenn Grant at the Varsity
Friday September 28, 7:00, $20

Does New Orleans freak you out? There, there. Kathleen Edwards is from Canada. It will be okay.
Dwight Yoakam at Grand Casino Hinckley
Saturday September 29, 7:00, Sold Out

Yoakam's new album,

Three Pears

, seamlessly blends Dwight's flawless honky-tonk country with the rock, pop and soul that no doubt influenced him growing up. Fun fact? The album title was inspired by a photo of John Lennon high as fuck on LSD and wearing three pairs of sunglasses on his head at one time.

Josh Turner at Treasure Island
Saturday September 29, 8:00, Sold Out

We caught this guy at a county fair a year ago, and oh man, he has the most awesomely low voice. It's, like, prettier than Carrie Underwood's hair, even. Ladies love him. His Saturday night show is sold out, but he's worth keeping an eye on, as he's likely to return to the area before too long (like the next night, at Duluth's DECC Arena).

The Cactus Blossoms at the Turf Club
Every Monday, 7:00, $5

Hey oldsters and folks with day jobs - The Cactus Blossoms are now starting their regular Monday night residency at the Turf Club at seven o'clock sharp and wrapping the whole thing up in time for the ten o'clock news! So throw away your wrinkle cream, toss out your hair dye, embrace your age and the early hour, and head on down there for some two-steppin'. Absolutely no excuses. Well, unless you just took your fiber. We wouldn't want you to have to seek refuge in those bathrooms after you've just taken your fiber (though they do have brand new fancy automatic hand dryers!)
Junior Brown at the Dakota
Thursday and Friday October 3-4, 7:00, $35-40

Oh my god, the ghost of Dave Dudley haunts Nicollet Avenue OoooooHhhhh... Not really. Dudley, who passed in '03, recorded his legendary song "Six Days on the Road" at Kay Bank Studios, down south at 25th and Nicollet. Junior Brown, on the other hand (who blessedly sounds oh-so-much like him) will likely be playing his own ode to the road, "Highway Patrol," when he plays the Dakota up at 10th and Nicollet on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Guitar geeks will appreciate his mad skills on his signature "guit-steel" double neck guitar/lap steel hybrid.

Schlitz Kickin' Country at Hymie's
Throughout October, Free (plus a free Schlitz for those 21+)

October brings us another round of Schlitz Kickin' Country, and its series of free shows at Hymie's record store in Minneapolis.
October 7, 3:00 - Pleasure Horse, and Fletcher Magellan and the Great Lake: Country rock/country rock
October 14, 3:00 - Whiskey Jeff and the Beer Back Band, and Caitlin Robertson: Honky-tonk/singer-songwriter country
October 18, 6:00 - Swallows: American roots/blues/folk + album release
October 21, 3:00 - The Bootstrap Family Band and Pocahontas County: Honky-tonk (and Ween?) covers + bluegrass
October 28, 3:00 - Tree Party and Jack Klatt: Classic country covers + ragtimey originals

Wayne "The Train" Hancock at Lee's Liquor Lounge
Thursday October 11, 8:00, $15

Hank III has called Hancock "the real deal," saying Wayne's got more of Hank's grandaddy in him than does either he or his father. High and entirely deserved praise.

Vince Gill at the Historic State Theatre
Saturday October 13, 8:00, $53.50-63.50

This dude's totally married to Amy Grant. Oh, and he's nothin' to sneeze at, either.
Joe Ely at the Cedar
Tuesday October 23, 7:30, $25-27

The ultimate country outlaw, Joe Ely co-founded the Flatlanders, and has enjoyed a fine solo career in his own right.

Exile & Juice Newton at the Medina Entertainment Center
Friday November 2, 7:30, $23-34

OMG!!! Tell your mom!!! Country crossovers at their very best ever.

Robbie Fulks at the Triple Rock
Saturday November 10, 9:00, $10

Irreverent Chicago-based singer Robbie Fulks is even bad-asser (badder-ass?) than Joe Ely, which explains why the latter will be playing the cultural center on Cedar in October while the former plays the punk club across the street in November.

Wynonna's Rockin' Christmas at Grand Casino
Mille Lacs Friday November 30, 7:00, $15-30
Hinckley Sunday December 2, 7:00, $15-30

Sure. Why not.

Kenny Rogers Christmas and Hits Tour at Mystic
Sunday December 16, 8:00

And speaking of Kenny Rogers and Christmas, why not give yourself a really awesome holiday gift this year and pay to let Kenny Rogers call you a "retard?" We've seen him twice, and both times, he did just that.

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