Tweecap: The Uptown Bar's final show


We'll have a full review posted shortly, but for the time being live vicariously through these avid Twitter users for a quick recap of last night's final show at the Uptown Bar, presented in vague chronological order from the beginning of the evening up until last call.

jahnapeloquin Just got word that the Uptown Bar has a line going down the block. Backup plan may be in order.

thetrickykitty Its 9pm, and the uptown is already sold out. Miss you uptown bar!

toddodowd Already starting to get misty at uptown bar.

howwastheshow Best. Show. Ever.

Lorika13 @howwastheshow Wow! Now that's saying something coming from you! ; )

Lorika13 Just saw The Hawaii Show for the last time at The Uptown Bar. Just as awesome as ever. And the new song about the Uptown is great!

HandsomeCycles Just got this live shot from Jesse, so long Uptown Bar. My hangovers will not miss you.

Lorika13 Funny that we only celebrate places when they close. Imagine what will happen when 1st Ave closes. #UptownBar

Markysparkly Holy frak its packed in here.. Think people have left simce its not so warm right now in the uptown bar!! Frack me!!

champs794 witnessed the last PBR ever served at the Uptown Bar.

howwastheshow Stage invasion on Twilight Hours from Mark from Mouthful of Bees. All is well.

Lorika13 Let's all warm ourselves by the invigorating vibration of the speakers. Goodbye Uptown! Thanks for all the rock. #UptownBar