Tweecap: Prince joins Twitter (maybe), crashes the Current's birthday party


Late in the day on Friday, rumors started swirling that Prince might show up at the Current's fifth birthday party at First Avenue. Most of us were doubtful that the Purple One would show, but sure enough as Mason Jennings was preparing to take the stage our Twitter feed started to fill up with Prince sightings. The Purple One hung out in the owner's box on the balcony for most of Jennings' set, and many on the main floor (myself included) got a glimpse of him as he hung out with some of the Current's staffers. Prince told program manager Jim McGuinn that he wanted to come out to show his support for the station, and has reportedly been making occasional contact with the station since moving back to Minneapolis last year.

In honor of Prince (maybe) joining Twitter yesterday, here's a Tweecap to get you caught up on the kerfuffle Prince caused when he arrived at First Ave, including my tweets from the show (as @gimme_noise):

jahnapeloquin OMG Just saw Prince walk upstairs!!!brokenhalo Confirmed: Prince is here #Current5goofnuggette In the booth with prince. Omfg.gimme_noise Um, you guys? Prince is hanging out in the owner's box at First Ave.gimme_noise I just made a bizarre uncontrolled squealing noise.hasBen Prince rocking the First Ave box seats tonight like it was a Vikings game.gimme_noise Prince has either left or is preparing to zipline onto the stage for a solo during POS's set. Long shot, but a girl's gotta dream.BarbAbney Did I mention that I shook Prince's hand & gave him my DJ set mix CD? Hope he digs the fact that DMSR played as the First Ave doors opened.