Tweecap: Living vicariously through Twitter's Springsteen fans


Judging from all of the excited Twitter users at the Xcel Center on Monday night, the Boss put on quite a show. We couldn't get down to the X ourselves (although Tony Nelson snapped some amazing photos of the show for us), but we practically felt like we were there because we were able to follow along on the handy messaging site.

Bloggers Carl Atiya Swanson and Stacy Schwartz from Cake in 15 were some of the most active tweeters last night, and their updates provide a nice timeline of the experience from the perspective of Bruce superfans: Swanson and Schwartz were with a group of general admission ticketholders who arrived early enough to enter into a lottery for pit wristbands. Those who won wristbands got to stand in a special roped-off area right up next to the stage.

CakeIn15 In the pit! Winning lottery # was 758 and we caught it on the wrap around. About half of all people got in.

CakeIn15 Snaking into the Xcel pit, it is like waitng for the roller coaster. Someone handed us a sign, pawned it off to a little girl.

CakeIn15 Herded like lost cattle.

CakeIn15 Up front for Bruce! Hit soundchecking percussion laughs when someone shouts "More Cowbell!"

CakeIn15 Woman holding up a sign "25 years ago I wanted to be Courtney Cox". Take note, Bruce.

CakeIn15 Brief pause in the music prompts massive shouting of "Bruuuuce!"

A few others, including Stacy, provided snapshots of the Boss from their phones, giving those of us following along at home an immediate impression of what it was like to be at the show.

Staciaann Bruce!! Bruce ass sweat I call this one "Bruce, with piano."

Others waited until after the show to post their glowing reviews. One woman even tagged E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg's son Jay in her tweet.

umjanlib Springsteen & the E Street Band rocked the Xcel tonight! I might be a little tired at the Anthony parent focus group in the AM.annehaines Didn't make the pit, enjoyed the show anyway. @jayweinbergdrum KILLED!!! Holy crap, that kid is good!scott553 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Ban have me believing in a "Promised Land"

From all reports, it sounds like it was a great show. Thanks, Boss, and thanks to Twitter for providing us with a glimpse of the action!