Tweecap: Grizzly Bear was hot, sweaty, and encore-free


We weren't able to make it down to the Cedar last night to catch Grizzly Bear ourselves, but lucky for us we were able to get a play-by-play of the sold-out show via Twitter. Here are a few highlights from last night's show.

The main Twitter topic seemed to be the temperature inside the venue. Despite the cool weather outside yesterday evening, the Cedar was sweltering and people weren't happy about it.

machfive The Cedar is hearing up to its usual temperature of 110 degrees. Bring it!patiomensch The Cedar should get some powerful but silent air conditioners. Goddam.Zachamon 1st time I've ever left the center crowd at a show due to overheating... Cedar Cultural Center needs new ventillation if people are to live

The tweets from last night also gave us a good idea of what the crowd was like at the show. Here are a few gems:

chriscloud Sometimes I feel like MPLS'S sole black hipster or maybe it's because I'm at the Grizzly Bear show right now. is standing by the manager and bass player of Cloud Cult watching Grizzly Bear... This is fuckin great!

As with most shows these days, people's cell phone cameras were working overtime. Here are a few shots of the band taken by concertgoers:

solace Grizzly Bear @thecedar - Grizzly Bear at the Cedarmachfive Grizz takes the stage! "Southern Point":

It's not easy to describe a whole show in under 140 characters, but one person managed to pull it off. Coincidentally, this is also our favorite tweet about last night.

lkpuffer the grizzly bear show was a hipster sausage fest. the kids dance funny these days. skinny jeans cause seizure dancing? oy oy oy.

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