Tweecap: Animal Collective was, like, awesome


It was a hipster haven at First Avenue last night, with Animal Collective headlining the Main Room, and sure enough, there were enough Twitter users there to fill a whole Tolstoy novel in 140 character increments. We picked out some of our favorite Twitter highlights from last night's show.

Some of the funniest tweets came when people tried to describe how, exactly, the band sounds. Here are a few gems:

nelsonm Animal Collective works because their jams are "structured weirdness," according to @tbuchok.stephenhero This is totally Spock music. I bet you all the kids at the Vulcan Science Academy have Animal Collective turned up in the headphones.howwastheshow Now, for an encore we will play assorted samples of breaking glass at full concert volume. But it will be spooky and kinda cool.

This tweet echoed my sentiments about Animal Collective exactly:

s4xton @stephenhero @solace @howwastheshow Thanks for tweeting Animal Collective at @firstavenue so I don't have to endure it myself.

The reports about the crowd were even more interesting than the reports about the music. Here are a few highlights about the ambiance:

MYSD Do you think it was the mustaches or the sandals that smelled worse at animal collective tonight?stephenhero Note to self: bring more MDMA and 2CB to next Animal Collective show. Also, grow summer beard.CRSullivan Who goes to Animal Collective shows? Skinny bearded hippy dudes and me.solace Maybe I just don't do enough drugs for enjoying Animal Collective live?

And this tweet from Sonia Grover, booker at First Avenue, just about sums up everything about the show:

MplsDice Lost and found pile from Animal Collective show tonight: A pair of ratty tennis shoes, 2 drivers licenses, a cell phone, and 1 birkenstock.

Slideshow by Kris Drake: here

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