Turf Club won't be the same after tonight

The managers, the Clown Lounge, and the SPMC are out


Jim Walsh writes: It?s the end of an era at the Turf Club in St. Paul tonight (Tuesday): Owner Mark Johnson recently announced he?ll sell the club, and manager Rob Rule has decided to move on, along with bartender Dave Wiegardt, while manager Dave Ricker is staying. Rule and his wife Leah have been the heart and soul of the Turf for much of the past decade. Tonight Rule performs on the Turf stage for the last time with his band the Mammy Nuns, which has held down the regular slot on SPMC Tuesdays for years.


Dave Wiegardt oversaw the goings-on in the Clown Lounge in the basement of the Turf. As of Monday, its clown hangings and vintage décor had already been dismantled. Nervous Turf-lovers are waiting to see what musical and aesthetic direction the club will take under new owner Tim Scanlon, who owns the Dubliner Pub. But if the departure of the Rules and Ricker is any indication, tonight may be the last chance to toast the many charms of the Turf--which has been the best rock club in St. Paul for the past decade, and was named ?best concert venue? by City Pages in last year?s Best Of The Twin Cities issue. Cheers, and stay tuned.

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