Tupac lives! was killed by Diddy?

A con man hornswoggled the LA Times into believing that Sean "Puff P Diddy Daddy Whatever" Combs was involved in the shooting death of Tupac Shakur.

This is a fascinating tale of a man with a rich fantasy life, a guy who willed himself into believing he associated with hip-hop luminaries -- and forged FBI documents to "prove" it. The scintillating element that makes your jaw drop is this: that a team of top-tier journalists actually bought this story for one second.

Casting aside the often arcane nature of rap beefs in the first place, what possible motive would Sean Combs have had? Was Diddy a hip-hop version of the power-less superhero from The Incredibles, bent on killing superheroes with actual powers? Did he take out Biggie, too, in a plot to sell more "Vote or Die" t-shirts?

And look, I'm not trying to call Puffy soft or anything, but if he would have tried anything like this, Tupac would have caught the bullet like Ozymandias from Watchmen and thrown it back at him. Maybe with his teeth.

Besides, everyone knows if Diddy woulda done it (say that four times fast) he would have had 'Pac run over by a Diet Pepsi truck. Young MC was actually the triggerman. Mark my words.