Truck drums, desert mishaps, and basement questing in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos



We’re less than a week from one of the best music days of the year: Record Store Day.

You’ll get to spend this coming Saturday bopping around the Twin Cities, patronizing local record shops, and watching free local music. There’s the six-part bonanza over at Hymie’s featuring Little Fevers and Toki Wright. There’s Extreme Noise’s annual punk rock barbecue. Fifth Element is also having a killer sale with some live music, live painting, and T-shirt pressing. All good stuff!

Budget your time, though, because there’s lots more to do in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Saturday. Keeping record stores afloat is not an easy task (R.I.P. Treehouse), so your patronage will help ensure these local culture capitals keep their doors open another year.

Double Grave – “Deadend”

Nothing like beating the skins with the wind in your hair. In Double Grave’s new video for “Deadend,” the band takes their shoegaze sludge al fresco, playing atop bikes and skateboards in the bed of a pickup. The fun, summery video, directed by Jack Buckholz, is a playful contrast to the despondent tune they’re playing. “Deadend” comes from Double Grave’s 2018 EP Empty Hands, though the band will be releasing a new project this summer.

Fragile Canyons – “Powerless”

Some people go out to the desert to find themselves. Some go out to lose themselves. For the hapless star of Fragile Canyons’ new video for “Powerless,” the sandy plains are indeed a place of escape, but quest for self-discovery doesn’t go as well as planned, and he ends up leaving with more regrets than when he arrived. Mike Cullen provides the visuals. “Powerless” is off Fragile Canyons’ beautiful new record Slow Dancing Beyond Silverdome.

In Lieu – “Face Tres”

I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, but I’m pretty sure In Lieu aren’t doing it right. The Minneapolis hard rock band take to the basement for a couple rolls of the dodecahedron, but they end up coming to blows over the course of the game. That’s why you don’t play with actual weapons in hand. In Lieu’s debut record is due out later this year.

Firebirdie – “Kissing with Teeth”

Was Minneapolis pop-rock band Firebirdie on The Late Show this past week? Well, no, but they did release a video that could fool you otherwise. “Kissing with Teeth” directors (and Firebirdie band members) Travis Wavescorx and Jessica Grantham spliced together some old Colbert footage to make it look like the locals were TV heroes, even though the video transitions into a black box theater performance. Not quite what you’d see on a late-night talk show, but that makes it all the more fun.

Lubi ft. Aidan Ochre – “Control”

Local hip-hop prospect Lubi is an entertaining performer. Once the 20-year-old starts rapping his verse, he’s an attraction, which is why a Sacramento theme park is the perfect setting for his new collaboration with Aidan Ochre “Control.” In the video, co-directed by Lubi and Eugene Langlois, the dynamic youngster rides Ferris wheels, tours haunted houses, and plays carnival games, all while maintaining the camera’s gaze.


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