Triplicate Dylan domes complete


Bob Dylan: a guy from here. The corner of Fifth Street and Hennepin Avenue: a place that is here. "Never the twain shall meet!," quietly cried the citizens of Minneapolis for decades. But that was before this Dylan-birthin' state got a load of Eduardo Kobra, the Brazilian artist who just finished work on a mural depicting three looming Dylan heads watching over the club district.

Financed by the capitalist dark lords at Goldman Sachs and managed by Hennepin Theatre Trust, the $50,000 project showcases three stages of Dylan — greenhorn folkie, mid-career music force, and the gravelly, hat-sporting legend we know today. Kobra and his team of six artists — four from Brazil, two from Minnesota — started work on the vibrant and towering mural two weeks ago. The finished product ended up being 20 feet taller than anticipated, contributing muralist Erin Sayer tells MPR.

With the artistic work complete, we must now turn to the work of artistic mulling. Among the mullable topics: 

  • Do you love the mural? 
  • Do you love Dylan? 
  • Should it have been Prince? 
  • Did Kobra forget his crane? 
  • Is it possible Kobra was temporarily supplied the crane, and it won't go with him to Brazil? 
  • Why is the font on the lyrical passage from "The Times They Are a-Changin'" so drippy? 
  • How will any of the heads play that guitar with no hands? 
  • Do murals come to life at night? 
  • Did Dylan even like Minneapolis? 
  • Does this mural make Minneapolis a Great American City, way greater than, say, St. Paul? 
  • Lotta eyeballs ... Illuminati?
  • Is Jakob Dylan entitled to a much smaller mural?
  • How do you end blog posts?