Triple Rock manager Kermit Carter moving on, Turf's Ryan O'Rourke coming in

This lover of TV personality cardboard cutouts is cutting out from Triple Rock.
This lover of TV personality cardboard cutouts is cutting out from Triple Rock.

Triple Rock Social Club manager and talent buyer and cracker of jokes Kermit Carter announced today that he is moving on. Carter's new gig will be booking shows and assisting at Mystic Lake Casino's smaller stage. After six years at the West Bank rock club, this guy who will be missed even more than Free Bacon Wednesdays, which were discontinued back in July. When reached by Gimme Noise, Carter confirmed that the bacon change had nothing to do with his decision.

On a day already filled with local venue discussion following Turf Club's sale to First Avenue and the recent announcement that the Artists' Quarter is closing, there has been a lot of upheaval of late. And this shift brings another club titan into Minneapolis too.

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Long-time Turf Club booker Ryan O'Rourke has confirmed he is taking over as head of booking at Triple Rock. Hell's Kitchen vet Mike Siddell is also booking shows there. Dave Welte is taking over daytime management. According to First Ave's Nate Kranz, this move will mean that they will absorb O'Rourke's responsibilities at Turf. "If we need more people, we'll have to go out and find somebody," he says.

Meanwhile, Zombie Pub Crawl is Carter's last hurrah at Triple Rock and then he's heading to work at Mystic Lake on Monday, October 21.

Here is his farewell message from Facebook:

Afternoon friends! Just wanted to publicly say thank you to the ownership, management and staff of one of the greatest rock and roll clubs in the country. Thank you Triple Rock Social Club for making me laugh, cry, love and experience more life than I thought I could handle. Thank you to all of the bands, agents and managers for making this job something bigger than just a job and allowing to me to have a hand in helping you achieve your goals. Thank you to all of the beer and booze folks that have tried to sell me stuff, but then ultimately became people that I looked forward to seeing on a regular basis. It has been a fun ride, but I will be getting on another roller coaster soon and I am excited about the future. I have interacted with so many incredible people over the years that it is a bit overwhelming for me as I look back. Thanks to all who have helped me along the way. I will see you all soon I am sure.
Thanks and love! Kermit

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