Triple Rock gave away 8,000 pounds of pork on Free Bacon Wednesdays

Triple Rock gave away 8,000 pounds of pork on Free Bacon Wednesdays

Just in case you hadn't heard, West Bank music establishment Triple Rock Social Club discontinued its Free Bacon Wednesdays this week. Unlike the cancellation of the popular Triple Double party, this appears to be a shift in programming tone as opposed to anything catastrophic at play. Still, there will be folks who miss a weekly dose of grease, even if the so-called bacon trend has finally gone the way of JNCO jeans.

Triple Rock bacon chef Kermit Carter -- who also performs essential functions at the club as manager and talent buyer -- endured several of our pointed questions regarding the demise of the weekly holiday devoted to cuts of pork belly in your belly.

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How long ago did the free bacon begin, and why did the promotion get introduced in the first place?

Kermit Carter: It began close to seven years ago. The idea was hatched by the owner, Mr. Erik Funk. He had heard of a bar in Chicago that long ago offered up slices of bacon along with a beer. He thought, hey let's start a bacon night! I was excited as I had an uncle that was a pig farmer in Iowa. That was until I was told that I would be the one to cook all the bacon during the day.

What type of bacon did Triple Rock use for the promotion? How many strips were produced on a given Wednesday?

When bacon night started we pummeled out 45 pounds of bacon a week. Due to demand and the price of bacon, we ended up scaling it back to 15 to 20 pounds a week. In terms of what kind, we used the same bacon that we used for breakfast and our burgers -- top quality shit -- because our customers deserved it. We had a few people interested in helping to sponsor the evening with their own bacon, but every time we told them how much we were putting out, they politely declined.

Throughout the history of the event, does any particular Free Bacon Wednesdays stand out above the rest?

We were featured on the national news in regards to our bacon night when bacon was a "big thing." So watching professional journalists and camera people wander around filming our customers stuffing their greasy faces with strips of bacon was a bit surreal. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through their heads, "As a young boy I hoped to cover hard-hitting topics like presidential assassinations or at least treaties being signed, but instead I get to go back and edit images of drunk people gorge on the flesh of pigs!" I mean what kind of journalist would want to cover bacon night?

Touche. Will you consider another free snack item on Wednesdays, such as Warheads or circus peanuts?

We are looking into other options to entice people into the bar. Warheads and circus peanuts are on the list, but "pocket warmed" gummy bears are being discussed seriously as well.

What, if anything, can bacon-lovers do to change your minds about this?

As of now, nothing. But I would like to address all of the fine folks that came down for one, or many bacon nights. I personally have cooked almost all of the bacon, roughly 8,000 pounds of bacon. From there our wonderful cooks fried it, prepped it, and sent it out to the bartender Nathan (who worked this night from day 1) or one of the fine servers -- Amy in the past and now Beth. We got be a part of something a bit different and a bit weird, but it was fun. The regulars were awesome, supporting their salt and grease habit while supporting us.

We loved to see the newbies, maybe brought by a friend, who couldn't believe that this was "a thing," how their face would light up in shock and wonderment when presented with a basket of free bacon. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all of you that participated in this night. Right now, my greatest worry is that my dog won't love me as much when I come home from work not smelling like bacon every Wednesday.

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