Triple Rock adds Monday night winter series


Always willing to try out new and novel ideas (Free Bacon Night, for one), Triple Rock owner Erik Funk has devised a new idea for the winter lull of touring bands. The venue will be opening their Monday night schedule to two alternating concert series focused on smaller, more intimate crowds. With both series, the venue will be putting up a curtain divider between the bar and the floor, with the music instead being performed at floor level from the area that normally hosts the merch tables.


2 Bands 1 Cup promises only two bands for a $3 cover--thus allowing worker bees a chance to get out, get their drink on, and get enough shut-eye to hit the office on Tuesday morning. The cup in said title refers to a 24 oz. PBR cup that can be re-filled at half-price throughout the night.

The Extreme Noise shows may have the a snazzy title, but they promise a glut of free punk rock for the 18+ crowd.

City Pages recently talked with Funk about closing off the stage and what they hope to accomplish with the new promotions.

City Pages: Are you really going with the "2 Bands One Cup" title for this series?

Yep. We're going with the idea that the name is kinda so bad that it's good.

Is this a "limited time only" series, or will it stick around?

The idea was to just do it through February, since there are far fewer touring bands competing for nights up here in the winter. If people like the idea and it's fun I'm sure we'll keep doing it, but maybe not on a fixed bi-weekly schedule.

What is the purpose of the smaller room? Is there a business reason, or just to give a more intimate feel?

It's definitely about having a more intimate feel. On Monday nights in winter, turnouts for shows can really drop, and we wanted to try some ways to make smaller shows more fun for both the bands and the crowd.

Are you trying to stick to a specific sound or draw for these shows?

Not necessarily, but it definitely works better for bands that enjoy playing without a stage and without monitors and lights. We want bands that like to just plug in and tear it up like it's a house party, without all the formalities that club shows sometimes have.

I love the "weeknight friendly" concept. Has there been a push for this audience?

I don't know about a push really, but we know that lots of people usually just can't make it out to see bands on a weeknight because of work and school. With a $3 cover, cheap drinks, and the show ending early, we think more people might take the chance to check out some locals on a Monday night.