Triple Rock 2-4-1's and Staraoke Karaoke Save The Day

Monday and Wednesday might be the most visible buzzkills of the work week, but let’s face it-- Tuesday isn’t such a walk in the park either. It’s such an unassuming day. But a ghost of Monday’s horrors, a preconception of hump day and all it's bellyaching. You almost have to pity poor little Tuesday, the homely middle child of the dreadful early week. And it didn't even ask to be born.

Fortunately, The Triple Rock and Grumpy’s downtown have unwittingly conspired to make a gallows party out of lowly Tuesday. 2-4-1’s at the Triple might once have been a dreadful amateur hour, populated by University 21-year-olds (honest, bartender!) seeking any excuse for a power hour or two. But staff has engineered the night into something much more festive and genuine. The venue side hosts DJ’s, drawing on a wide bank of talent that includes people like Matt St-Germaine and Tom Loftus of Freedom From and Modern Radio record labels, respectively. The crowd tends to be of a more cognitive sort, even as they get woozy from double whiskeys by the handful, and vintage Nintendo games are available to play on a projection screen to satisfy all your drunken 8-bit nostalgia. The drink deals last until midnight, but the dance music and scenery keep many around till bar close.

For those who have maintained their uprightness and sense of adventure after the witching hour, a short stagger up Cedar avenue will bring you to Grumpy’s downtown for one of the finest karaoke nights in town. Karaoke is a fundamental virtue, and Staraoke, the brainchild of Arzu Gokcen (of Selby Tigers and, more pertinently, Strut and Shock fame), is a Patrick Henry of the business, fiercely defending the principles upon which the institution was founded. At once an abandonment and an aggrandizement of ego, it’s one of the very few environments were a sloppy version of “Young Turks” will yield sincere applause, and maybe a free drink. The songbook is extensive, booing is verboten, and the bartenders pour ‘em tall. All in all, a perfect place to sit and have a night cap and ruin your vocal chords while you wait for Best Cab to show up.

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