Trip-hop icon Tricky coming to the Fine Line (+ 10 great tracks)

it's too good
it's too nice
she makes me finish too quick
is it love?
no not love
she turns my sexual trick
she says she's mine, i know she lies
first, i scream, then i cry
take a second of me
you beckon, i'll bleed
she suffocates me
she suffocates me with suggestion
i asked 'do you feel the same?'
and later on, maybe
i'll tell you my real name

-- Tricky, Suffocated Love

They say trip-hop is dead, but it really isn't much different than the large number of misinformed people still using the word "rave" Stateside.  Bristol, U.K.-born trip-hop, however, with its creeping, sexy melancholy, is too sneaky to be dead, slinking under the radar and manifesting itself again in bands like Spooky, Mudville, and even Burial. As for the old stuff, it lives on through people who cherish those incredible albums that came out in the late 90s; Massive Attack's Mezzanine (a group to which Tricky often contributed); Portishead's Dummy (easily No. 1); Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X; Sade's Love Deluxe; DJ Shadow's Entroducing...  and the list goes on. Though other classifications like "downtempo" and "ambient" blurred trip-hop's boundaries, there's no question about which artist became its face: Tricky's sludgy, oozing vocal made him at once an unmistakable icon of the genre (which happens to be one of my favorites - can you tell?). 

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And now this pioneer of sexy doom-n-gloom is coming to Minneapolis (definitely an appropriate show for winter in the Twin Cities) and there's no doubt many who followed this genre with fervor will be stoked to hear the news -- especially considering the slim pickings of national acts over the next few months (don't worry Kottonmouth Kings, Slipknot, Air Supply, Jewel and Boys II Men, I couldn't possibly be referring to you - you're totally still relevant).

The concert was announced this week and will go down on Saturday, March 14, presenting now a perfect time to get into some good list-making.  

Direct from my "Trip-Hop/Downtempo" folder on my iTunes, check out my Most Frequently Played tracks for your enjoyment, and perhaps if you're a fan of the genre you'll share yours in the comments for those who want to dig in before checking out the Tricky show a few months from now.

Top 10 personal favorites (these aren't all in the Bristol school but at the very least take direction from it):

1. Bowery Electric - Freedom Fighter

2. Massive Attack - Protection (remix)

3. Boards Of Canada - In A Beautiful Place

4. Moloko - Day For Night

5. Portishead - Sour Times

6. Portishead - Machine Gun

7. Weekend Players - Jericho

8. Morcheeba - Get Along

9. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

10. DJ Shadow
- Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

Other notable artists to check out: Bonobo, Esthero, Everything But The Girl, Ananda Project, Kruder & Dorfmeister, DJ Cam, DJ Krush, Ror-Shak (DNB DJ DB's side-project), Supreme Beings Of Leisure