Trio Network goes internet-only

class=img_thumbleft>NBC Universal will celebrate the new year by cancelling an entire network--


, one of the few channels that evoke the more enjoyable days of early cable programming, will be


at the end of 2005. The next day, however, it will come back to life as an internet-only offering. Unlike CBS and NBC, which actually think people will

spend money

to watch their crap on-line, Trio appears to be ad-supported. (The upcoming web-only

Warner Brothers channel

, which will start showing dozens of old series for free, will have commercials that can't be skipped.) No word on which of Trio's programs will be carried over to the new net-channel, but let's hope they find a way to keep running

Johnny Staccato

with John Cassavetes on their series "Brilliant But Cancelled."

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