Tricky rescued from snowstorm by kind couple outside of Toronto


Those hoping to catch Tricky live at the Varsity Theater last night were saddened by the news yesterday afternoon that the trip-hop phenom would not be performing. Little reason was given for the cancellation beyond travel delays due to the inclement weather, but an article in the Toronto Star sheds a little light on what Tricky was up to yesterday.

[jump] Turns out Tricky's tour bus stalled on Highway 402 outside Toronto earlier this week, while he and his crew were en route to a show Monday night in Chicago. Ontario is weathering a snowstorm similar to the one we had last weekend, and heavy snowfall completely shut down several highways and left many travelers stranded.

Lucky for Tricky and his touring crew, Sarnia, Ontario native John Prins headed out into the storm to check on stranded motorists and bring travelers back to his home for a hot meal. Prins and his wife happened upon Tricky's tour bus on Tuesday morning and, not even knowing that he was a well known musician, picked up his crew and brought them back to their home for breakfast.

Here's where it gets extra heartwarming:

"I'm a pretty trusting guy. The vast majority of people are very, very decent," Prins says. "You'd do the same, wouldn't you?" A self-proclaimed conservative who's "not really a rock 'n' roller," Prins had no idea who Tricky was. "To us, this was a little off the edge. These guys are like nomads," Prins said, adding the group had asked Tricky to perform a few Christmas carols, but his keyboardist said he didn't know any.

Turns out what Prins said was true: The vast majority of people are decent. All stranded rock stars should be so lucky.

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