Tributes to pizza and Peter Gabriel in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Just some pizza-lovin' Denim Boys.

Just some pizza-lovin' Denim Boys. Provided by the artist

The best ability is availability.

My brother always said that, and though I’m remiss to give him any more credit than he gives himself, he’s right. Your presence is powerful. Showing up can be enough. So get your ass to the gig. Make that room feel full so that when those local hopefuls gaze out beyond the monitor, they know their city is listening.

The Denim Boys – “Pizza”

“Pizza is like sex” is another platitude people like to whip out, but if that were the case, the Denim Boys’ new video would be a porno. The Very Uptown rock band cites Adam Sandler and I Think You Should Leave among their influences, and the former is very present in their shitfaced and shirtless march through Minnneapolis. Their gratuitous, titties-out love of ‘za is shouted loud enough to bring the property value down. The Boys’ debut record, We’ll Bring the Beers, is out on February 28, so crack a cold one and call up Slice of New York to celebrate.

The Trappistines – “In Your Eyes” (Peter Gabriel cover)

Covering Peter Gabriel is a flex. Absolutely killing your cover of Peter Gabriel is a mega-flex. Local rock band the Trappistines are flexin’ all over the place in their new cover of his signature song “In Your Eyes.” The video itself feels like a cover of Gabriel’s original visual, using the same combination of black-and-white performance and archival footage. A completely faithful interpretation, right down to the way singer Corey Lawson pronounces “light” on the chorus. Lawson directed the video, which features the dancing of Kaity Rydell.

Contrition – “Sanctuary”

Contrition is savage. The Minneapolis metalcore band vibrates with a deadly intensity that needs to be locked up and contained. Contrition is releasing Forlorn on February 28, an EP that’s led by the animalistic single “Sanctuary.” Video director Trevor Sweeney locks Kyle Mitchell in a holding cell for the video, giving him space to let out his dissociation while the rest of the band shreds their instruments to ribbons just beyond the gate. More metal in Local Frames, please. 

Reefa Rei – “Rap Shit”

A lot of the time, rap is about rap. This is one of those times. Reefa Rei knows how fake other rappers are, lying about their clout, their money, and their abilities. Not him, though. He’s the genuine article, and if you want to look like the real deal, you contact director Endlessvisiion. “Rap Shit” is the video Rei needed to support his case. Don’t run up on Rei in the bodega, because he does not front.

Skemp & Weather – “Vanderbilt”

Poet Jeffrey Skemp started teaming with musicians James Everest, Karen Townsend, Martin Dosh, and Ben Durrant back in 2015, and the collective known as Skemp & Weather will release their next album, The Hum of the Sky, on March 7. “Vanderbilt” is a sweeping, magical poem about New York City, delivered with Skemp’s paternal growl. Skemp shot all the footage for the video in NYC, focusing on the families of his loved ones. The curious score and Skemp’s whimsical editing make it feel like a magical place, even if it exists differently in your own experience. Skemp & Weather will perform on March 7 at Moon Palace Books. 

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