Space album, plus MaLLy video cameo">

Tribe & Big Cats! unveil "P.I.L.L.S" off Space album, plus MaLLy video cameo


Truthbetold on Tribe & Big Cats! next record, Soundset strategy

Yes! Summer's heating up with another major hip-hop release coming courtesy of the Tribe & Big Cats! Space comes our way on July 10, and will be available for free download on the group's site. "I feel like that's gonna be our biggest record yet," Truthbetold said in a recent Gimme Noise interview. "It's a real smooth album."

In the mean time, start banging the first single, "P.I.L.L.S." A track that names just about every drug under the sun as part of "partying like it's 2000-whatever" is a mixed bag of the struggle of addiction and the needed medicinal assistance of various chemicals. It's not easy to pin down, but repeat listens are in order for its Robitussin-laced hook, regardless. Along with MaLLy's intervention-inspired clip for "Good One" (more on that below), we're looking at an intoxicating crop of local hip-hop these days.

Details of a release show, which should be on the magnitude of the TTxBC performance at Soundset 2012 (and then some) are listed below with the track. 

Okay, so feast thine ears on "P.I.L.L.S," which was recorded during a two-week period of creative explosions at NE Minneapolis' Waterbury Studios.

Space will be out on July 10, and an album release show follows at First Avenue's 7th Street Entry on July 14. F. Stokes, Meta, and a DJ set by Jimmy 2 Times will also figure into the evening.

And then back to this new MaLLy and the Sundance Kid joint. "Good One" featuring K.Raydio details a hip-hop addict who has a legion of concerned friends trying to "save" him. Aside from this being one of the strongest tracks off The Last Great..., we can see a huge potential for K.Radio's impact on the local scene in the coming months. Truthbetold is straight-up humorous as the cake-devouring instigator here.

Truthbetold on Tribe & Big Cats! next record, Soundset strategy

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