Trent Reznor tweets once more


We'll make no bones about it-- Trent Reznor has spent the last few years turning himself from a visionary, if ho-hum, musician into one of our very favorite, most esteemed public figures. His tours, his albums, his decision to retire, his ethics-- he's the total package. He's the Joe Mauer of industrial pop music.

Which is why his tumultuous affair with Tweeter seems so petty. Just a din of white noise from someone capable of a much more commanding roar. And, at the end of the day, does anyone really give a shit?

If you haven't heard, we'll catch you up-- last week, Reznor announced that his Twitter account, and all his social networking activities, would cease. The tremors were felt all across the internet. The streets ran gray with mascara and guyliner.

But over the weekend, Reznor made the momentous announcement that he would in fact return to Twitter, and that all the internet assholes can kiss his pale, pimpled behind.

We at Gimme Noise pride ourselves in being disastrously behind the times, and for regarding any new trend with searing resentment and disgust. Which is why it is especially disgusting to watch to trivial and patently unimportant thing be brought to the fore of Reznor's career. For the last twenty years, Reznor has been crafting challenging, inventive, difficult pop music. Twitter is just the opposite of that. If we wanted to know what Reznor thinks of European toilets, we'd ask him. But we don't.

We don't object to the endless refinement of social networking (which is really a tool of alienation and not interaction). We just object to the low decibel din of noise pollution that brings the sickening dullness of our inner lives into the palms of everyone's hands. If we had our way, the world would be parchment and wax seals, gaslight and coal heat. For a moment, it seemed that Reznor's departure meant there was a kinship between us. Fooled us good.