Transmission @ Jager: Thanksgiving edition


Clubhouse Jager
Wednesday - Nov. 26th
10 p.m.

Think hard-- when was the last time you heard Franz Ferdinand in a bar,
it must be at least two or three year's ago right? Just when you
thought "This Fire" was out of your head for good, it's back and it's
better than ever because you've had about six Premiums and everyone
around you is dancing just as crazy as you are.

At Clubhouse Jager, DJ Jake Rudh hosts Transmission, where he plays the
best and worst -- and some of the songs you completely forgot about --
from the 80's till today. Tonight's Thanksgiving edition is one of
their biggest of the year, and what keeps people coming out to
Transmission week after week is it's young, fun attitude, where you
can dance and not seem out of place, where girls wont get grinded on,
lest they initiate the grindage, and where black is always in style.
It's an odd mix of awkward goths and hip college kids, Foucault-reading Grad students and slightly smelly artists, as well as fashionable Uptowners and Nordester's on their
weekly pilgrimage to the other side of the river. There are even
people from St. Paul and nobody knows what they do or how they got to

This mix of fairly like-minded people from all over the
Twin Cities gives Transmission a laid-back, but slightly pretentious
vibe, a dichotomy that works because when you are huddled around the
fire pit on the patio every-one will find something to talk about, at
the very least its easy to mutter some profanities about the cold.

--Justin Flower