Trampled by Turtles play Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" on A Prairie Home Companion

The rising Duluth folk-bluegrass outfit Trampled by Turtles performed five songs, including a Bob Dylan cover, on this past weekend's episode of A Prairie Home Companion. The long-running public radio sketch show, helmed by the Lake Wobegon staple Garrison Keillor, migrated north to the Turtles' home turf to record the show.

Over the course of the night, TBT fit in the familiar "Victory" from their breakthrough album Palomino, three songs from the forthcoming Stars and Satellites (due in April), and let Keillor join them on vocals for a rendition of the most prominent Iron Range native musician's "I Shall Be Released." Stream all of the tracks below.

"I Shall Be Released"


Note: The guys even even accommodated some low-brow humor from their host talking regarding their upcoming touring. "You're on a bus, you're on a van?" Keillor asked. "Sometimes a bus, sometimes a van." "Okay, so you go both ways."

"Midnight on the Interstate"

"Walt Whitman"

Stream the entire episode here.

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