Trama releases mixtape, displays artwork at the MOA


Local rapper Trama announced the launch of his new art website today,, to promote his upcoming exhibit at the Mall of America. In addition to his work as an incredibly prolific mixtape artist (his newest "zip-tape," or digitally distributed mixtape, Mr. T, also drops today), Trama has revealed himself as a talented acrylic painter.

"I have been painting before I was an M.C. and though I've been open with my music (spreading it across the internet and performing across the country) I've been private with my art, showing very few people and really only doing drawings/paintings for my family," Trama said in an email.

"Through word of mouth about my art I was given an opportunity to have the first public display of my art and what better place to have it than in the Mall Of America/Bloomingdales!"

Check out more samples of Trama's work on his website. His exhibit opens this Friday, April 17 and runs through May 14. Trama will appear at the Bloomingdales exhibit on Friday from 6-7 p.m. and Saturday from 1-2 p.m.