TPT's The Lowertown Line adds three more episodes

TPT's The Lowertown Line adds three more episodes
Photo by Tony Nelson

After a slow initial roll-out in late 2012, the burgeoning new Twin Cities Public Television series The Lowertown Line is gaining speed. With MN Original's creative fingerprints all over it, the show takes an up-close look at the artists it has featured so far -- Trampled by Turtles and Brother Ali -- and gives them a one-of-a-kind performance space to boot.

With three tapings already scheduled for the future, including Chastity Brown (above) with Dessa hosting and a guy who just got his own day in St. Paul, the scope of the series is steadily expanding. And yes, these are quite open to the public.

Here's the upcoming schedule so far:

Oct. 17 @ the TPT studios: Malamanya with guest host Toki Wright. Free tickets available here.

Oct. 22 @ the TPT studios: Chastity Brown and surprise guest with Dessa hosting. Free tickets available Oct. 1.

Date TBD (Winter 2014) @ TPT studios: Har Mar Superstar.

In each case, this will be an opportunity for the artist to mix some storytelling and experimentation into their performance. Having attended the Brother Ali taping, I can say that a TV studio provides light and sound that surpasses a typical concert situation by a great deal.

"When I first came to MN Original, they would use the same look for every group. And I said, 'Hey, we should try and use a different look for every band,' which of course is a ton more work," director of photography/editor Dan Huiting told Erik Thompson in City Pages' feature about The Lowertown Line. "But the end product is much more true to what that band should look and sound like."

The Lowertown Line films at 172 Fourth St. E, St. Paul. All events are free. More info on MN Original here.

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