Tour Diary: Daughters of the Sun


Modern Radio psych-rockers Daughters of the Sun recently embarked on a tour to support their latest album, Rings, and they have agreed to send us updates from the road. Here is the first installment of their journey, unedited for your enjoyment. As the boys said in their first email, "This is how we talk to our friends, not our parents. I was thinking if we really need to we can do a translator or something."


Stranded in Des Moines first night, Vanados got brutal and thrashed the radiator. No Omaha show, right? So we putts through Iowa hell until we could find some realm to chill, we found this Baghdad style biker bar called Hughes Jungle Room. Total old crusties and longhairs ready to die or somthin, so we chill there and meet Hughe and get nutso with this old bro and take T-shots and we convince the mug that we can stay in his parking lot, righteous right?


Get up and roll out of Des and try to creep to Omaha by din time. Call up our tru law bros in Perry H Mathews to see if they can grip us a monster last min show at some basement cave rave or somethin'. Fureal luck, cause our homeboy Coop and his thrashpad Muscle Beach were having a monster of a bill that we could hack. Two touring dance/bondage/gristle style wierdoz, Plack Blague & Dussle Broz. Three basements down was another ripper of a show so it was all Mardi Gras in Omaha style on this stretch of block.


Wake up on a muggy floor, get a cup, get a new radiator for our van and head over to our bro Brent's casa, who's our backalley manic mechanic. Dude's Derry straight outta Outsiders or somethin'. Knows everything, has a righteous tape label, you know it. Unfortunately, we had to cancel both Denver shows to get this hunk of metal up and bumpin'. So this mug is wailin' away at our machine while Perry dogs outta nowhere start booking another basement vibe for us at like 4 in the afternoon. Show starts at 1 a.m., at some killer mansion turned Texas Chainsaw house, haunted fureal. Bar let out across the street and tons of kids marched over, we were the only band so we decided to play for too long, but it was a shredder no doubt.

Check back for more updates as the band makes their way around the Midwest, ending with a homecoming show on July 18.