Totally Gross National Product showcase at Club Jager: Full lineup and set times

Marijuana Deathsquads playing Loring Park last August

Marijuana Deathsquads playing Loring Park last August

In what's becoming a yearly tradition, the local experimental-heavy label Totally Gross National Product will throw its second annual summer label showcase this Saturday afternoon and evening at Clubhouse Jager, the inviting little dark-paneled bar with the extensive patio on the west end of the Warehouse District in Minneapolis. Again, the label has done a fine job of gathering up its most enticing acts (JM Airis, Marijuana Deathsquads, Slapping Purses, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog) and shuffling them in alongside acts of similar persuasions. The resulting lineup showcases high-quality talent from end to end, with 13 acts and another handful of DJs at the ready to help stretch the $7 cover charge as far is it will go.

Here's the full lineup and set times, which we've been told is "liable to get all fucked up." The event is 21+, and food will also be available for purchase.



3:00 doors / music

3:45 Food Team

4:15 Little Dog On Top Of A Big Dog

4:45 Robust Worlds

5:15 Radical Cemetery

6:00 JM Airis

6:45 Col. Angus and the Boner Sharts Pub Band

7:30 Votel

8:10 Moonstone Continuum

8:50 DEATH OF RAVE (Albert Elmore & Urszula Szarejko)

9:20 Marijuana Deathsquads


................... ongoing DJ action

10:00 Andrew Brodr

.................. more DJ action

11:00 Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck

................... even more DJ action

12:00 Slapping Purses

................... DJ action until bar close