Totally Gross National Product planning second annual summer showcase

Marijuana Deathsqads

Marijuana Deathsqads

Last summer, Totally Gross National Product tried their hands at hosting an all-day showcase of their artists and related projects in the alley behind Nick and Eddie, and the party turned into a celebration of some of the most engaging and exhilarating experimental acts in the city. 

The label's co-founder Drew Christopherson (who runs Totally Gross with his former Digitata bandmate, Ryan Olson) says that he hopes to turn the showcase into a summer tradition, and this year's installment will take place on the back patio and inside Clubhouse Jager in the Warehouse District on July 16.

[jump] Once again, Christopherson and Olson have managed to assemble a fantastic lineup; Olson's band Marijuana Deathsquads and Christopherson's new project Votel (formerly called H.U.N.X.) will perform along with Slapping Purses, Spyder Baybie Rawdog and 2% Muck, Jm Airis, and more.

Here's the lineup (for now, more DJs are expected to be added) and flyer: