Totally Gross National Product drops 2013 sampler, massive future plans

Lizzo, with Lazerbeak and Cliff Rhymes, is expected to release LIZZOBANGERS on TGNP in 2013.
Lizzo, with Lazerbeak and Cliff Rhymes, is expected to release LIZZOBANGERS on TGNP in 2013.
Photo by Garret Born

Doing it big is the only way for Totally Gross National Product. The Twin Cities label had a pretty quiet 2012 -- that is, aside from putting out Polica's Give You the Ghost, hosting one of the freshest parties of the summer to celebrate a Marijuana Deathsquads mixtape, and Solid Gold's Eat Your Young -- but 2013 is set to keep it going louder.
The TGNP core nucleus of weird friends who all have too many projects to name is currently Jake Luck (Leisure Birds), Drew Christopherson (Polica), Ryan Olson (Marijuana Deathsquads) and Justin Vernon. They've just announced the release of a 10-song sampler of new tracks to commemorate the many projects set to drop on the imprint in the coming months. It includes new material from 2011 Picked to Click winners Cloak Ox, the Chalice rapper Lizzo teaming with Lazerbeak, a Marijuana Deathsquads song that sounds like Ween with their tongues stuck in a garbage disposal, and glitchier stuff still.

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This launch was announced on 89.3 the Current's The Local Show on Sunday, and the TGNP's snazzy new website -- featuring a "gallery" of news and a radio station highlighting old and new TGNP projects -- is now live. The goal for the label is to release a new project every month for the next 12 months, and the first is the aforementioned Totally Gross National Product 2013 Sampler.

The track listing:

Cloak Ox - "Josephine" (Full-length release date TBA) Lizzo - "T-Baby" (Album with Lazerbeak, LIZZOBANGERS, release date TBA) Moonstone Continuum - "Smooth Odyssey" (TBA) Pony Bwoy - "Dark Soccer" (Spyder Baybie Raw Dog's new band, album due this summer) Motioner - "Road Silk" (Former member of the Love Language moves here, goes solo; TBA) Umami - "Nails" (TBA) Marijuana Deathsquads - "Bad Boy Masterpiece" (TBA) Tender Meat - "CoCo Mulch" (Fifth album tentatively titled I.T.H.C.U coming later in 2013) Slapping Purses - Bloodbath at Marvelbar" (TBA) Albert - "Hugo Domain (near field)" (TBA)

Download it here.

"We've kept this boat floating for a long time, and it's time to bring in some new captains," Drew Christopherson said in the very trippily remixed Local Show interview (streaming here). "We have gotten to know a little bit about how things are happening in other scenes around the world... I don't see us all of a sudden being like how your normal record label functions."

The live stuff to be expected from TGNP in the months to come include the Marijuana Deathsquads May residency at Icehouse, and then a monthly event at Icehouse on the last Friday of each month featuring a wealth of artists on and related to the label.

Does that mean that the Gayngs is getting back together? "Gayngs will play again if we get to do it on a cruise ship," said Ryan Olson on the Local Show. Well, that'd be fascinating. Regardless, 2013 just got a whole lot o' Gross, and Gimme Noise'll keep you posted as the details emerge.

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