Totally Gross National Party reveals 2013 lineup

Lizzo will perform at Totally Gross National Party 2013
Lizzo will perform at Totally Gross National Party 2013
Photo by Garret Born

One of the best music gatherings of 2012, the Totally Gross National Party is coming back to try and top itself. Featuring plenty of Twin Cities artists signed to the incredibly busy Totally Gross National Product label and their pals, the event will take over Icehouse and its adjoining courtyard at the end of September for a night of discovery and madness.

Naturally, the ultimate collaborative experimenters Marijuana Deathsquads will lead the way, and the gig will serve as a preview for their upcoming Oh My Sexy Lord album. The rest of the lineup is below.

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Totally Gross National Party 2013

Marijuana Deathsquads
Pony Bwoy
Moonstone Continuum
Allan Kingdom
Tender Meat
Plain Ole Bill
DJ Jonathan Ackerman

Along with the preview of new Deathsquads material, the event will also serve as the live debut of the trippy soul project Pony Bwoy, and a record release celebration for Moonstone Continuum's collection of retro groovin', Salon Edition. The night marks a reunion for Digitata, featuring Maggie Morrison, Ryan Olson, and Drew Christopherson. Additionally, the hotly tipped rapper Allan Kingdom is among the wild cards not to miss. We write enough about Lizzo on this blog that it should be clear that Lizzobangers is one of TGNP's most hotly anticipated releases this side of Polica.

Up until 10 p.m. noise curfew, much of the event will be outside, and then it'll transfer indoors for a dance party until deep into the night.

Totally Gross National Party reveals 2013 lineup

Totally Gross National Party. Saturday, September 28. Icehouse. More info here.    

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