Total Babe, Nice Purse featured on new sketch TV show "[email protected] About"

A new show called [email protected] About had its launch this week, and it features two very lovely local bands as the principal musical talent. Total Babe and Nice Purse's gauzy, child-like, cedar-scented pop seem a pretty great compliment for "a sketch comedy show that explores topics important to teens, tweens and their families." Except maybe for Nice Purse's song "Ice Cream Handjob?"

While the show's website is lamentably designed, we at least gleaned that it's nationally syndicated and airing across stations regardless of their particular corporate owner (ABC in Minneapolis, Fox in Rochester, CW in Indianapolis), and that six of the nine comedians in the show hail from our humble nook of America. The show is either totally or partially funded by The National Theatre for Children, which puts on educational presentations in schools across the country (one testimony: "the performers did an excellent job of maintaining our students' attention and educating them about electrical safety in an exciting manner"). Which is sort of what Total Babe and Nice Purse have done for the show; the bands wrote songs about nutrition, bullying, and taking it slow for [email protected] About. As if they needed to be any more adorable.

The program debuts in Minnesota this Sunday on Channel 45 at 1:30PM.

Here is  Total Babe's song "Food Groups" on iTunes, and a rather cryptic trailer for the show:

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