Toro Y Moi at Fine Line Music Cafe, 02/20/13

Toro Y Moi at Fine Line Music Cafe, 02/20/13
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

Toro Y Moi
With Dog Bite, Sinkane
Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The ample crowd at Fine Line Music Café got a satisfying display of Toro Y Moi's sexy stylings last night. Some weren't afraid to outright demand it -- hence the reasonable request of one loud fan, "Make my nipples hard."

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It's not always the case that opening bands sufficiently supplement the main act, the act that sold out the venue on a frigid night in Minnesota. But Dog Bite entertained the quickly swelling masses with their shoegaze/Nirvana inspired sound, which then transitioned to the funky, reggae-driven Sinkane, whose feel-good, Aaron Neville sounding stoner jams were the perfect foreplay to precede Toro Y Moi.

Toro Y Moi at Fine Line Music Cafe, 02/20/13
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

By the time South Carolina native Chazwick Bradley Bundick hit the stage with his band, fans had successfully ambushed the stage. The aroma of marijuana was only slightly smothered by the over-zealous fog machines overhead. Toro Y Moi looked studious with his tucked-in button-up and red-framed spectacles. The stage was backed by four hanging mini blinds -- a crafty backdrop to play up the colorful lighting. No expense was spared for this show, with an underappreciated disco ball, only slightly larger than a basketball, incessantly rotating high above the rowdy fans continuously throughout the show.

The band's set consisted of new songs off the well-received recent release Anything In Return, a few tracks from the 2011 album Underneath the Pine and a couple from the EP released later that year, Freaking Out, and their debut album Causers of This. To kick off the show, "Rose Quartz" set the tone and adequately pumped everyone up with its initial buildup into the chillwave sound Toro Y Moi has claimed. The dancey, keys and percussion-driven vibe was present with the next song, "Talamak," leaving only what had to be the rhythmless viewers standing still.

Toro Y Moi takes his records to a new level when they play live. The integrity of the songs remains, but a harder, more vigorous aspect of the instrumentals made the show particularly vibrant. With the "Thriller"-sounding intro to "Never Matter" to the more psychedelic funk within "Studies," the band maintained a high-energy performance that kept everyone alert.


Toro Y Moi at Fine Line Music Cafe, 02/20/13
Toro Y Moi at Fine Line Music Cafe, 02/20/13
Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen

Bass-heavy songs like "Still Sound" got the audience moving in unison and evoked images of a time when untamed Afros were abundant and the fluid dance of roller-skating was a more prominent means of expression. To close out the set, "Say That," the remarkably catchy single off Anything In Return, left many fans satisfied with the tune that was at first a generous precursor to the rest of the tracks on the album.

In response to the roaring unison, "One more song," Toro Y Moi did indeed come out for one more song, and the fog machines came back with a vengeance, accordingly. One band member pulled out his camera and took a picture of the crowd, which at this point was undoubtedly a sweaty, drunken spectacle.

As the crowd dissipated away from the stage, huddled at the coat check, the remnants of crushed plastic cups and Grain Belt beer cans remained underneath the tiny, still spinning disco ball as if to say, "A great show just happened here."

Toro Y Moi at Fine Line Music Cafe, 02/20/13
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

Critic's Notebook

Critic's Bias: For those of us who love to dance given any appropriate opportunity, this show was a great outlet. But with the layout of the venue, there were still plenty of places for people to sit and maybe more casually tap a foot.

The Crowd: Generally, everyone appeared to be in their twenties and thirties, some with an apparent affinity for smoking weed.

Overheard In The Crowd: "Do you smoke weed?"

Random Detail: Each band member wore nearly identical lace-up brown leather shoes. 

Rose Quartz
New Beat
Never Matter
Go With You
High Living
How I Know
Still Sound
Grown Up Calls
So Many Details
I Can Get Love
Say That

Low Shoulder

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