Top 5 Twin Cities music videos of the decade

Top 5 Twin Cities music videos of the decade

5. Har Mar Superstar--

Power Lunch

In 2002 when this video was shot, Har Mar Superstar was on the brink of international indie stardom. After You Can Feel Me released, he scored residencies at Euro dance clubs and relocated to L.A.

4. P.O.S.--Half Cocked Concepts

The videos that accompanied this year's Never Better may have been more technically adept, but this video from 2006's Audition is a leaner, meaner, starker production, and it captures a pre-superstardom P.O.S. nearing the heights of his talents to boot.

3. Soviettes-- The Land of the Clear Blue Radio

Find us a punk video with more humor and panache, locally OR nationally? Watch this, and remember the days when the Soviettes ruled the airwaves.

 2. To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie--The Man With The Shovel

Yikes. Plastic bag hoods? Bloody murders? This video scored airtime on MTV2.

1. Birthday Suits--Twin Cities Bridge Is Falling Down

The sweatiest rock band on either side of the river shot this video in 2006. They're still playing this song, and yes, this is pretty much how it looks live.

A decade's a long time, folks, and 10 years of booze and loud rock has diminished our powers of memory, so do your duty--chime in and tell us what we're missing.

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