Top 5 downfalls of the 2000s

Top 5 downfalls of the 2000s

Gaze, dear readers, into the nadir of civilization--Britney Spears' bared breast.

In such a decade of ignominy, choosing valedictorian is no easy task. Alas, there but for the grace of God goes Gimme Noise. We tirelessly sifted through the bushel of stars who tumbled like Tetris blocks over the last 10 years.

Head below the jump to see our picks for the biggest downfalls of the 2000s.

5. Wavves-- He may have been destined for a flash in the pan. But even grease fires at Flameburger last longer than Wavves' time in the sun. Everyone expected him to bounce back after the hissy fit heard round the world, when wunderkind Nathan Williams, strung out on Mountain Dew and Slim Jims, accosted the audience and departed the stage mid-set. But the Wavves camp has been whisper quiet ever since.

4. The Strokes--It's only by virtue of their meteoric ascent with 2001's This Is It that the Strokes are included here. It is, almost without question, the defining rock album of the decade, and the staggering decline of returns on their subsequent releases and their ultimate fade into anonymity, is a fairly breathtaking deathdrop for the four piece that raised only a few eyebrows when they were proclaimed the saviors of rock and roll.


Michael Jackson, RIP - An epic downfall that millions of fans will mourn decades from now.


Top 5 downfalls of the 2000s

2. R. Kelly--Just because you bounce back doesn't mean you didn't fall. Double Up might have gone quintuple platinum. doesn't undo the fact that the dude was peeing on children.

Top 5 downfalls of the 2000s

1. Britney Spears--When you look back, even her time in the throne seemed tenuous and founded on shaky terms. More a steward than a queen, Spears didn't make it far into adulthood before the strain began to show. The rest is black comedy. The head shaving, the delirious ambulance photos, the sequestering--this is what happens to people when they are forced, nearly without their consent, to be rich, famous, and pretty.

(This post has been edited for taste on 12/17/09)

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