Top 11 most popular Gimme Noise posts of the summer

When it comes to deciding what to cover, our web traffic isn't everything, but it does give us a unique insight into what our readers like to read about the most. It turns out that our Gimme Noise readers love block party announcements (duh); Prince facts; that incessant Foster the People song that's invaded our airspace throughout the summer; and watching their music editor get into a Twitter spat with a celeb. Duly noted, readers -- we'll do our best to keep the drama alive as we head into the fall.

Without further ado, here are the top 11 most-read Gimme Noise posts from summer 2011:

  1. Cee Lo Green calls me gay, asks if his masculinity offends me
  2. Foster the People talk 'Pumped Up Kicks' and hipsterdom
  3. West Bank Music Festival lineup announced
  4. 53 things you might not know about Prince
  5. Tom Petty up in arms over Michele Bachmann's use of 'American Girl'
  6. Rihanna and Cee Lo Green at the Target Center, 6/16/11
  7. Lil Wayne Jay-Z diss on "It's Good," threatens to kidnap Beyonce
  8. Banned from MTV: 10 videos that got the axe
  9. P.O.S. headlining Pizza Luce Block Party 2011
  10. Def Leppard's Phil Collen on Heart, hair metal posers & vegetarianism
  11. Elliot Hill, drummer for the Softrocks, passes away at age 26

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