Top 10 reasons Gigamesh moved back to Minneapolis

Minneapolis was in an imagined game of tug-of-war with Miami over DJ Gigamesh's affections throughout the last several years. The celebrated house producer from Waconia moved to the Sunshine State in 2009 in the middle of his rise to the top of the Twin Cities club circuit. He officially said goodbye to us via his Moving Cities mix in August of 2010, but the lusty shores of South Beach weren't where it's at for Matt, and he moved back to Uptown this spring.

After our interview for this week's music feature about Gigamesh (coming out today), we asked him to list his most prominent reasons he's happy to call Minneapolis home.
Gigamesh's Top 10 Reasons for moving back to Minneapolis:

1) Family

2) Girlfriend (fun back story here - too long to go into)

3) Movie nights with friends

4) Beer selection

5) Inexpensive stuff (ex: drink deals)

6) Bike culture

7) Central location = shorter flights to coasts

8) Food: Sea Salt, Bryant Lake Bowl, Triple Rock, Amazing Thai, French Meadow, Izzy's,
Blackbird, Chatterbox, etc etc etc

9) Progressive politicians

10) Seasons.... Kinda stretching on this one. Hard to beat Miami weather. :)

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