Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

We get things going this week on Local Frames with a premiere of the brand new video from Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra, a new project led by local music luminary Sean McPherson. We're also featuring new clips from K.Raydio & Psymun, Rogue Valley, the Chambermaids, France Camp, the Persian Leaps, Elskavon, and a wintry new collaboration between Bomba De Luz and Dem Atlas. We've also got terrific live performance videos from the 4onthefloor at Target Field and Haley Bonar at Aloft. Enjoy!

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Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra - "Hi, My Name Is Ana"

Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra is a new project led by Sean McPherson, bassist for Heiruspecs, Dessa, and many other local bands over the past decade. This new group features vocal work by Ashley Gold (who sings in the video for "Hi, My Name Is Ana"), Chastity Brown, Claire De Lune, and Aby Wolf, as well as a talented cast of musicians including DeVon Gray, Graham O'Brien, Bobby Mulrennan, and Dustin Kiel -- all of whom help bring Sean's stirring material to vibrant life on the forthcoming album, Too Big To Fail. This touching video was directed by Alex Knudsen, and features live clips of the band working through the tender song at Icehouse, the venue that will play host to the album's release show on Friday, February 7, which, with Greg Grease opening, is looking like a can't miss event.

Rogue Valley - "The Wolves and the Ravens"

Rogue Valley's "The Wolves and the Ravens" was featured on their 2011 album, False Floors, but is starting to generate more national attention due to the song's inclusion in the soundtrack of the new Ben Stiller movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The band shot the video for the track a few weeks ago to coincide with the release of the film, and the clip does a great job capturing the wistful nature of the lovely track itself. This exposure is hopefully going to give Rogue Valley a much wider audience, as the rest of the country experiences the musical charms of the band which won us over long ago.

K.Raydio & Psymun - "Sweet Dreamz"

K.Raydio & Psymun are blowing up as of late (which we always hoped that they would). In addition to turning out the Entry with a stellar album release show, the duo also delivered on the promise suggested by their fresh early singles by putting out one of the best local records you are bound to hear this year, LucidDreamingSkylines. "Sweet Dreams" is the first video (directed by SwayHeavy) from the dynamic new collection, and creates a striking visual compliment to the track's intoxicating rhythms. 2014 is already shaping up to be a big year for K.Raydio & Psymun -- you better get on board now and come along for the ride.

The Chambermaids - "Electric Sky"

The Chambermaids released one of my favorite local records of the year, Whatever Happened Tomorrow, back in September, and have now released a video for one of the standout tracks on that album, "Electric Sky." The hazy pop charms of the song shine through the psychedelic drenched video, and the vibrant combination proves to be irresistible. The shimmering, blissful noise of "Electric Sky" will definitely warm you up during these cold winter days, and remind you of what summer feels like on your skin.

The 4onthefloor - "Enough (Live at Target Field)"

During the past Twins season, the 4onthefloor were graciously asked to come to Target Field provide pregame and between innings music for the club. And, while the band was there and had the run of the place, they also filmed a musical clip for a recent episode of MN Original. The group is joined by vocalist Sarah Krueger for this ebullient version of "Enough," with the clip capturing just how happy and proud that the band was to be playing music at Target Field for their beloved Twins.


France Camp - "The Bads"

France Camp are another band who are really steamrolling into 2014 with musical momentum on their side. The group put on a rowdy and raucous release show in the Entry in December, and now have released a rousing video for "The Bads," one of the terrific new songs from their spirited self-titled album. The clip premiered on Impose earlier this week, which should give the group some well-deserved national attention. The video was directed by Elise Pfau, and taps into the scorching musical charms of the band by having them playfully bang out the catchy track in the basement, looking right at home amidst the fog and the fury.

Haley Bonar - "Kill the Fun (Live at Aloft Hotel)"

Back in August, Haley Bonar played a free, Paste-sponsored show at Aloft downtown. Paste has just released a pro-shot video of the band playing "Kill The Fun" amidst the posh surroundings of the hotel. The talented group, which features Jake and Jeremy Hanson, Kate Murray, and Rob Skoro, deliver a sprightly version of Haley's lovely song, "Kill The Fun," which did anything but for all those who gather at Aloft, while also getting us all the more excited about her forthcoming new album, which will be released sometime in 2014.

Bomba De Luz and Dem Atlas - "Who Loves the Snow"

One of the best parts of winter here in the Twin Cities is hearing all of the new music that gets created when everyone is forced to retreat indoors by the intense cold. Lydia Liza of Bomba De Luz and recent Rhymesayers signee, Dem Atlas, didn't let the frigid temperatures get them down or freeze their creative energies, as they fought the cold with a new song and video, "Who Loves the Snow," which uses their wintry surroundings as inspiration instead of a cause for despair. The frosty video, directed bravely by Peter Jamus, captures the duo cavorting around in the sub-zero temperatures, not letting a polar vortex keep them from having fun and making some music. Now this is the way to properly make it through the winter.

The Persian Leaps - "Sleepless"

Saint Paul's The Persian Leaps will keep the momentum going from their excellent debut EP, Praise Elephants, with a show at Cause this Friday night (joined by Hunting Club, Sleep Study, and We Became Actors). The video for one of the standout tracks from the EP, "Sleepless," was directed and edited by Liam Watkins of First Communion Afterparty, who captures the dynamic spirit and energy of the song in this striking clip.

Elskavon - "These Letters Are Only For You"

Chris Bartels is a many of many creative hats and musical talents. In addition to fronting Bora York and a solo project, as well as running Anthem Falls Music, Chris also finds the time to create an intoxicating ambient project called Elskavon. This appropriately wintry clip for the hypnotic "These Letters Are Only For You" was shot and directed by Jordan Nimlos. The track, which is lifted from Elskavon's album, Release, is reminiscent of Radiohead's tone poem, "Treefingers," and provides a perfect sonic release during this recent cold snap.

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