Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

A video from Twin Cities rap supergroup F I X starts things off this week. We've also got new clips from Mayda, Har Mar Superstar, the Drug Budget, and Batteryboy. We're also featuring some recent performance videos from Fort Wilson Riot, the Suburbs, Hollow Boys, and two excellent in studio sessions from Two Harbors and Haley Bonar, who both celebrated their record releases this past week. Enjoy!

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F I X - "Flash Flood"

"Flash Flood" is the first single and video offered up by F I X, a crew comprised of Kill the Vultures, No Bird Sing, and Kristoff Krane. This water-drenched clip was directed by Joe Horton and Anatomy, and in addition to the talented MCs, Tearra Oso is also floating around in the ominous looking pool, which at times takes on a blood red sheen to match her dress. The beats on the track are fresh and fluid, while Crescent Moon, Joe Horton and Kristoff Krane's rhymes are slick and potent, pretty much exactly what you'd expect when these guys all get together to make some jams. You can order the single now, and hopefully F I X won't keep us waiting much longer to hear more from their dynamic collaboration.

Mayda - "All That I Have"

Mayda is all set to release her new brand new album, Busy Signals, on May 27 -- with a big record release show planned at the Turf Club on May 31 -- and this is her first video offered up from her vibrant new collection. The clip was directed by Maranatha Wilson, along with photographer/codirector Carly Danek, and photographer/editor Jeremy Krzmarzick. They all worked fluidly together to bring this clip, as well as the song itself, to life. Mayda has been to the far corners of the world in the past few years, touring and finding herself, and the spirited songs on her new record reflect that search and that endless journey.

Fort Wilson Riot - "Something Left Alive (Acoustic)"

Fort Wilson Riot are set to celebrate the release of their own stellar new record, trIllIun, at the Triple Rock Social Club this Saturday, May 24. And to generate even more excitement about the album and the show, the band deconstructed the opening track on their new record, "Something Left Alive," and turned it into a lovely acoustic number. This stark video for this reworked version, directed and edited by Anthony Maroney, still highlights the haunting charms of the leadoff track, while also spotlighting the musical chemistry between Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis, with their creative connection pulsing throughout their entire new album.

Haley Bonar - "Last War (Live on the Current)"

The Twin Cities is really seeing a plethora of record release shows this month, a benefit of the cold winters that keep musicians indoors writing and recording. One of the releases garnering the most attention of late -- and for good reason -- is Haley Bonar's fantastic new record, Last War. She celebrated the album's release with a stirring show at the Varsity Theater last Friday, and before that performance she dropped by the Current for this intoxicating in-studio session. The music world rightfully seems to be paying attention to Bonar and her exquisite new songs, with Last War even getting a coveted First Listen promotion on NPR Music. These new numbers will certainly take Haley and her talented band to new heights.

Two Harbors - "See You Down the Road (Live on the Current)"

Two Harbors just released their own stellar new album (noticing a theme here?), The Natural Order of Things. The Britpop loving local rock quartet dropped by the Current's studio to promote their rousing new album, and to play some tracks from it. This lively take on "See You Down The Road" perfectly exemplifies the anthemic, guitar-fueled appeal of Two Harbors, while also boldly announcing to those that aren't fully on board yet that the group has a raucous new batch of tunes that are setting the Cities alight.


Har Mar Superstar - "Restless Leg"

Har Mar Superstar continues to have fun in the series of videos from his lively latest release, Bye Bye 17. This clip for "Restless Leg" -- one of the vibrant standouts of the album -- finds the amiable frontman falling in love at a puppetry showcase, but just not with the one you would think. The theatricality of Har Mar's recent videos continues with this playful clip, all while getting in touch with his bohemian, beatnik side, and giving us all an idea of what Har Mar might look like as a puppet himself. Great stuff.

The Drug Budget - "OUTFUKD"

This video for the Drug Budget's obscenity laced new track, "OUTFUKD," is a simple but striking concept. While four people lie on their backs, random substances get poured on one unfortunate soul while the others keep singing and laughing along. The penetrating track is lifted off the group's new record, Disrespect. The Drug Budget is set to play the Memory Lanes Block Party this weekend, with a whole host of other great acts, and the outdoor festival season in the Twin Cities will officially kick right in.

Batteryboy - "Matter of Trust"

Batteryboy are back with a gorgeous new video for "Matter of Trust," which is the moving closing track from their most recent full-length, Up For Air. Frontman Cobey Rouse has this to say about the track and the video: "Always feeling like you can never live up to someone else's expectations can keep you from truly living your life. Especially when that other someone else is yourself." The clip features the band's new/guest drummer, Colin Kerns, along with a whole host of fans and friends that joined the group for this endearing video, images which only reinforce the subtle poignancy of the song itself.

The Suburbs - "Born Under A Good Sign (Live at First Avenue)(MN Original)"

MN Original tagged along with the Suburbs when they rocked First Avenue back in March for their record release show for Si Sauvage. This spirited, professionally shot clip of the band tearing through "Born Under A Good Sign" captures the electricity both in the room and on the stage that night. The band clearly are having the time of their lives back under the Mainroom lights, while the fans in the crowd are relishing the chance to see their musical heroes perform live once again. Chan Poling is in fine voice, and the band around him is raising a heavenly ruckus, clearly happy to be playing with their old friends once again.

Hollow Boys - Live at Grumpy's NE

One of my favorite sets of this past weekend's Art-A-Whirl was seeing Hollow Boys early in the afternoon on Saturday. While their music and demeanor is far more suited to a dark club rather than a sun-drenched day, their guitar-fueled songs really helped ignite the day and filled the backyard at Grumpy's NE with an edgy pulse. Part of their set was thankfully captured by UnderCurrentMPLS (along with added camerawork by Manny Castro), and this raw clip captures some of the blistering majesty of the band's potent set. Hollow Boys have a new album due out sometime soon, so you're surely going to be hearing more from them as the summer heats up.

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