Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week

We get things started at Local Frames this week with a new video from Ghost Towns of the West. We've also got new clips from Tree Blood, Gospel Machine, Morning Zephyr, Perfume Monster, and Softporecorn. We're also featuring live performance videos from S. Carey, All Church, and Origami Bones, along with a trailer for a new Cloud Cult concert film shot at the Southern Theater. Enjoy!

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Ghost Towns of the West - "Thistle"

Minneapolis indie rock sextet Ghost Towns of the West are set to celebrate the release of their new album, Shadows In Light, with a show at the Cabooze on Friday night (where they will be joined by Chiefs of The North, Little Man, and Red Daughters). And ahead of their CD release show, the group has just shared the video for their crunchy new single, "Thistle," which echoes the moody churn of Louder Than Love-era Soundgarden. The engaging, Fruit-of-the-Loom-esque video was directed and edited by the band's guitarist/vocalist, Dan Crowe, who captured the unbridled spirit of the song perfectly with his wild visuals.

S. Carey - "Neverending Fountain (ft. We Are The Willows)(Five Watt Sessions)"

This is the wonderful first installment in The Homestead Records' brand new music video/performance series, Five Watt Sessions, where musicians come into Five Watt coffeehouse in Minneapolis and rework one of their songs on their house organ during shop hours. S. Carey dropped by Five Watt back in November, and was accompanied on this lovely version of "Neverending Fountain" by Hilary James and Leah Ottman of We Are The Willows. S. Carey is about to start a Living Room Tour this Friday night with an intimate, sold-out show in Minneapolis, and this gorgeous, stripped-down version of "Neverending Fountain" should give fans an idea what to expect during these cozy run of shows.

Tree Blood - "Shame"

Minneapolis punk trio, Tree Blood, are not only the subjects of our music feature this week, but the group is set to release their excellently named new cassette, I Am A Disgusting Pig, with a show at Eagles Club on Friday night. And before those festivities get going full throttle, the group just released a video for one of the standout tracks on the collection, "Shame," with Teenage Moods' Gordon Byrd directing the clip. The images of the video feed off of the combustible nature of the incendiary track itself, as Tree Blood hit you with an unrelenting wall of noise that doesn't let up over the track's three untamed minutes.

Al Church - "You Came Into My Life (Concert Car Performance)"

Another one of our recent music features, Al Church, got into the Concert Car with Tony Fly, for this stripped down but still excellent version of his new single, "You Came Into My Life." Church wrote the song for his new fiance, following their recent engagement in Paris. With just an acoustic guitar and his heartfelt vocals, Church delivers an endearing version of the track while scrunched into the front seat of a moving vehicle. Stripped of the poppy gloss featured on the studio version, the true heart of this song shines through, as does the boundless musical talents of Church himself. You can catch Al at Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival on May 2.

Gospel Machine - "Why Don't My Mockingbird Sing"

The soulful Minneapolis quintet Gospel Machine just released this stirring video of a live performance of "Why Don't My Mockingbird Sing," which was recorded at Blacktop Studio. The impassioned vocals of Jayanthi Kyle carries the song heavenward, while the smooth, understated grooves of the band push the song gently forward. The group is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their debut album, Your Holy Ghost, so if you like what you hear, give what you can to their cause. You can also catch the band performing for free at the Guthrie Theater's Endless Bridge on Monday, April 13, as part of TPT's Skyway Sessions.


Morning Zephyr - "Balance"

After a nine year hiatus, Duluth experimental trio Morning Zephyrare back with a video for their highly inventive new single, "Balance." The group fluidly blends classical, prog rock, folk, and jazz within the imaginative strains of the song, crafting their own distinctive sound and direction in the process. The band is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release of their new record, Western Star, which they hope to put out sometime this summer. This studio clip of the band performing the sprightly new jam was directed and shot by Will Keeler, who expertly captures the guys bringing this dynamic song to life.

Perfume Monster - "Castles Fall"

Twin Cities dream-pop trio Perfume Monster have intentionally kept things inscrutable so far in their young career. Their singer goes by Hazen, and he's joined by two members of the now defunct Hunting Club, Justin and Kyle Steen. They haven't released much music as of yet, but what they have shared has proven to be quite beguiling, including this archival footage-filled video for their gorgeous new single, "Castles Fall." The group is planning on releasing their debut record on Sporktone later this spring, but until then, drift away with the blissful tones of this smooth new jam.

Cloud Cult - Unplug - Live at the Southern Theater Trailer

In December of 2013, Cloud Cult played a trio of intimate, unplugged shows at the Southern Theater. The results were so special that the group put out a CD/digital download capturing those shows, and are now releasing a companion concert film documenting those special performances appropriately called, Unplug - Live at the Southern Theater. The trailer for the film captures the campfire music that inspired the entire series, with glimpses of images from the shows. Ahead of the national release of Unplug, there will be a debut screening on April 30 at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. In addition to the first opportunity to see the film, there will also be a Q&A and meet-and-greet with the band and film Director/Producer, Jeff D. Johnson following the screening. Get tickets to that event here.

Origami Bones - Sun Room Session

The ambient, electro collective Origami Bones recently performed this dynamic Sun Room Session, filmed at the Bloomington recording/performance space, Sun Room Recordings. This performance features a trio of songs from the group, including an unreleased number as well as "Jailbird" and "Third Sky" off of their 2014 album, One. The clip really highlights all of the group's diverse musical talents, which comes together fluidly in these stirring live performances. Catch Origami Bones for free at the Walker Art Center on April 23, as they perform as part of the Teen Takeover event.

Softporecorn - "Bill Hicks"

Twin Cities hip-hop duo Softporecorn are back with an inventive video for their new single, "Bill Hicks." In addition to giving repeated shoutouts to the acerbic comedian himself, the group also gets a humorous big head treatment courtesy of the visuals from Common Culture. The group takes some lyrical shots at those who have hated on the band in the past, questioning why people are mad at them through verses that grow more vehement as the beat builds. But the track is kept lighthearted and lively through the bobbleheaded representation of the two MC's, who look like they are having as much fun filming the clip as we are watching it unfold.

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