Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


The week of Local Frames emerges with a premiere of the brand-new Tired Tongues video. We've also got clips from Al Church, American Cream, UMAMI, Camp Dark, Fairchord & Fixer, and Paul Spring, as well as live performance videos from Field Trip, the Shakin' Babies, and Lynn O'Brien. Enjoy!

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Infidelity from Tired Tongues on Vimeo.

Tired Tongues - "Infidelity"

Minneapolis electro-rock duo Tired Tongues is composed of ex-Wiping Out Thousands noisemaker Taylor Nelson and drummer Adam Szczepaniak, formerly of the Phoenix Philosophy. The group (we profiled them back in September) is set to release the Exes EP soon, and this is the debut of "Infidelity." There are bombastic echoes of Muse in the track's soaring chorus, while the textured beats and unbridled guitar riffs help propel the churning track forward. The video was done by Matt Barnes and Josh Bartz, who captured the duo raising a racket in their cozy practice space, where all their new songs were written and rehearsed, and where Tired Tongues was built from the ground up.

Al Church - Birthday Party from Micah Dahl on Vimeo.

Al Church - "Birthday Party"

Al Church has delivered a saxophone-drenched, electro-pop gem of an album in Next Summer. (Check out our profile on the talented artist and his glorious new album.) One of the standouts on that collection is the effortlessly catchy jam "Birthday Party." The awesome clip, directed by Micah Dahl, finds a disco-ball wielding Church floating through the streets of St. Paul, on his way to a party at the Turf Club. It's quite fitting, since that is where Church is celebrating the release of his new album this Friday night, where he will be joined by his friends in Alpha Consumer, Lady Heat, and Staraoke for what surely will be some jovial times and fantastic music to help usher in the warmer months.

American Cream - "Don't Buy It"

Nate Nelson's wildly experimental, improvisational outfit, American Cream, alighted the local music scene with the release of their untamed debut LP, Nathan, back in December of 2013. Now Nelson has just released a video for one of the wild standouts on the LP, "Don't Buy It," which was directed, shot, and cut by Shane Vader. The track rails against the rampant greed of our modern corporate society that places a profit-at-all-costs mentality above humanity. Nelson's current iteration of the group, comprising of Adam June, Colin Johnson and Joe Berns, have just finished a new five-song EP, which was mastered at Abbey Road studios in London.

Field Trip - Skyway Sessions

Field Trip is the new musical venture by Lucy Michelle, along with her cohorts Eamonn Mclain and Geoff Freeman. The trio recently dropped by the skyways outside of Lowertown St. Paul's Perkelat bakery to serenade those lucky enough to be strolling by. You can catch Field Trip live this Friday as they take part in the Nomad's 10th anniversary celebration, along with the 4onthefloor's Gabe Douglas and friends, Black Market Brass, and GRRRL PRTY DJ Shannon Blowtorch. The group recorded some new tunes at Old Blackberry Way.

UMAMI - "Bangles"

Minneapolis synth-psych quartet UMAMI are set to release their brand new record, Ephemeral, on March 30 on the tastemaking local label Totally Gross National Product. And the first taste of the new collection offered up by the wildly inventive collective (composed of Angelo Pennacchio, Peter Blomgren, Charlie Smith, and Andrew Finseth) is for the beat heavy, electro-noise jam "Bangles." The disorientating visual psychedelics of the video perfectly complement the untamed sonic textures of the track itself.


Are You Hiding from Camp Dark on Vimeo.

Camp Dark - "Are You Hiding"

Camp Dark are back with the second video installment from their forthcoming debut album, Nightmare in a Day. "Are You Hiding" is inspired by Adam Svec's holiday trips back home to South Dakota, and how he would tenuously balance the person that he had become with the person he was when he left. "A person can only hide in plain sight for so long before they are spotted. It's an anthem of empathy for those who experience this distance between former and current selves." Producer/drummer Graham O'Brien's beats snap this song to life, while the military weapons testing images featured in the clip compliment the track's tone and tenor. Catch Camp Dark live at their record release show at Icehouse on Friday, May 15.

Fairchord & Fixer - "Blood" from Christian Erickson on Vimeo.

Fairchord & Fixer - "Blood"

Christian Erickson's new musical project, Fairchord & Fixer, immediately captured our attention with the release of his first few singles/videos, which announced the arrival of one of the more exciting new bands on the local scene. Now Erickson returns with the fifth video from F&F, this time around for "Blood." As Erickson explains, he started his new DIY project aiming to "make tracks that a my 19-year-old, slightly goth, 4AD records-obsessed self would have really dug back in the day." For those fans of the electro-drenched U.K. anthems of the late '80s and early '90s, this number will resonate strongly within your gothic heart.

Something Better - Paul Spring from Bad Run Records on Vimeo.

Paul Spring - "Something Better"

St. Paul singer/songwriter Paul Spring's video for "Something Better" is a real gem. Director Sophia Heymans expertly captures the mood with her vivid animations. Spring is in the midst of a musical residency every Thursday night in March at Eat My Words bookstore, where he will be joined by various special guests each evening. Tonight, Dylan McFarling will be sharing the bill with Spring, while Winston Drei Tod and Filthy Animals will join Paul for his final two shows in March.

Lynn O'Brien - "Light Everywhere"

Singer/songwriter Lynn O'Brien's golden vocals and imaginative song arrangements are in this clip of "Light Everywhere," the title track off her latest album, recorded at Brown Bag Studios. O'Brien also played piano, rhodes, flute, guitar, ukulele, and percussion on the album. O'Brien and Trent Waterman recorded this video for NPR's recent Tiny Desk Concert competition. You can catch Lynn performing at Bryant-Lake Bowl on Thursday, April 2, where she will be joined by Steven Hobert.

The Shakin' Babies - "Ouija Board (Live at the 7th St. Entry)"

This raucous live video of the Shakin' Babies in the cozy confines of the 7th St. Entry was captured by Ponytails.TV, an art collaboration between Jeremy Ashlyn and Rachel Collier. The slightly unpolished video captures the raw energy of the garage-rock quartet. Hopefully, the rumors of this being a "farewell show" for the Shakin' Babies proves to be only that.

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