Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

We start in a delightful fashion with a brand new video from Koo Koo Kanga Roo, featuring none other than P.O.S. We've also got new clips from Moon and Pollution, Aero Flynn, Crooked Saws, Black Market Brass, and a lovely musical/visual collaboration between John Marks and Brute Heart's Crystal Myslajek. We're also featuring dynamic live performance videos from the enigmatic Taggart and Rosewood, Tickle Torture, Hippo Campus, and a highly entertaining throwback video from Good Company commemorating First Avenue's 20th anniversary back in 1990. Enjoy!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - "Shake it Well (featuring P.O.S.)"

The jubilant guys in Koo Koo Kanga Roo are back with an effervescent ode to orange juice, "Shake it Well." And this time, they brought along a friend to add to the fun -- a robe and bunny slippers clad P.O.S., who goes off on how much he enjoys pulp in his favorite style of OJ. As for the colorful, breakdancing-infused video itself, it was directed and edited by Nick & Nico Abdo, who add their appropriately vibrant orange visuals to the humorous proceedings. "Shake It Well" is drawn from Koo Koo's new record, Whoopty Whoop, which you can pick up on vinyl via the good folks at Asian Man Records.

Taggart and Rosewood - Live on the Current

Taggart and Rosewood made their provocative live debut back at the TGNParty this past summer, and now the enigmatic group (led by Zach Coulter and Ryan Olson joined by Drew Christopherson and Andrew Broder) recorded their first live session for the Current, and it's spectacular. Nate Ryan shot the clip, which features Coulter and Olson wearing the same white mesh masks that made their live debut so visually arresting. But Taggart and Rosewood clearly aren't just some musical gimmick, as their bewitching tunes attest to. The group will be celebrating the release of their debut record, The Killingest (featuring Jim Eno on drums!) on March 13 at the Triple Rock, where they will be joined by Perez + RP Hooks, Psymun, and Plain Ole Bill.

Good Company's Feature on First Avenue's 20th Anniversary

Those of you who weren't around to celebrate First Avenue's 20th anniversary back in 1990 can now take an affectionate look back at what the big party was like thanks to this recently unearthed Good Company feature (hosted by the fish out of water Gary Lumpkin). While the dress, dance moves, and hairstyles featured throughout the old Twin Cities TV show's feature on the beloved nightclub are occasionally quite questionable, the music that night most assuredly wasn't, as the Replacements dropped by for a surprise set, along with the Gear Daddies and the Hypstrz. In fact, if you've been around the local music scene long enough, you will see plenty of familiar faces throughout this clip, which provides a great slice of history on a club that all Minnesota music fans have grown to love.

Tickle Torture - "Would I Love You (Live at First Avenue)"

While that Good Company video gives you a glimpse as to what First Avenue was like as it celebrated its 20th anniversary, this funky and salacious live video from Tickle Torture brings the happenings of the club exuberantly into the modern era. Starting with a sneak peak inside First Ave's spartan men's room, the video follows one of Tickle's dancers all the way on stage, as fashion and licentiousness abounds. The clip is drawn from Tickle Torture's recent performance as part of I AM MPLS! fashion and music extravaganza, with the stylish video directed by Kron, who also shot the footage along with his trusty cohorts Keith Moechnig, Nicholas Larkins Perez, Joah Colby, and Ken Hannigan. It all adds up to a visual and musical smorgasbord of delight and debauchery.

Moon & Pollution - "Moving Scene"

This lovely, cinematic new video is the first video from Moon & Pollution's intoxicating debut album, The Box Borealis, which the group (comprised of Molly Dean and Graham O'Brien) just celebrated the release of this past Saturday at Icehouse. In our recent feature on Moon & Pollution, O'Brien described their sound as "impressionistic," and that entrancing fluidity is clearly apparent in "Moving Scene," as well as in this cinematic clip, which was directed by Joe Horton and Anatomy, with Chris Hadland serving as director of photography, with their striking visuals only adding to the ethereal nature of the song itself.


Aero Flynn - "Dk/Pi"

Aero Flynn is an area indie rock supergroup, of sorts, as frontman Josh Scott partnered up with Adam Hurlburt (Solid Gold), Mike Noyce (Bon Iver), Ben Lester (S. Carey, the Ericksons, Field Report), and Jake and Jeremy Hanson. And the partnership proves to be fruitful straight out of the box, as this terrific live clip of the band performing "Dk/Pi" attests to. The video was directed by the artistic eye of Dan Huiting, with Lauren Josephine and Keith Moechnig assisting with filming. The crew really captured something special here, as the hypnotic beats and sonic texture of this track take flight. The group's self-titled debut album is set to be released on March 3 on Ooh La La Records.

Crooked Saws - "The Ride"

Crooked Saws have been hard at work on their new album, This Machine Sells Cars, and this intimate glimpse into the studio shows the band working through some kinks before tearing into the scorching blues rock of "The Ride." The duo (comprised of Jesse Damien Revel on guitar/vocals and Justin Fischler on drums) is set to celebrate the release of their stellar new album on Saturday, February 21, with a show at Lee's Liquor Lounge, where they will be joined by the Fattenin' Frogs and the Oddfathers. Jim McFarlane captured the images of the group in the studio in this clip, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the album coming together as well as "The Ride," itself, which is definitely a scorcher, and will most assuredly appeal to anyone swept up in the recent blues rock revival led by the White Stripes and Black Keys.

Hippo Campus - "Little Grace (Live at First Avenue)"

It is clearly Hippo Campus' time. In addition to two rapturously received sets at First Avenue for the Best New Bands showcase and the Current's 10th Birthday party, a song from the group was also featured in a locally shown Super Bowl advertisement. This clip of the band tearing through their jaunty hit single, "Little Grace," is drawn from their Best New Bands set, with Music in Minnesota captured the festive visuals and somewhat muffled audio. The burgeoning young group is also set to support a couple of big national acts when they roll through town, Delta Spirit at Aria on March 12, and the Mowgli's at the Varsity Theater on April 3. In fact, the Mowgli's have tapped Hippo Campus to support them on their upcoming U.S. tour, so the rest of the country will soon get swept up in buzz that Hippo Campus have been generating at home.

Black Market Brass - "The Powers"

Black Market Brass bring the funk, soul, and rock 'n' roll in this studio clip for their hot jam, "The Powers." It's remarkable in and of itself that the sprawling group can even find a studio space big enough to fit all of the various musicians who add to their own distinctive musical flavor, and this video does a great job capturing the band laying down a demo version of their new track. The group is in the process of recording their debut record which should be out sometime this summer, and are set to bring their smoking live show to the Turf Club on February 17, as they will be taking part in Communion Twin Cites February club night, along with Marian Hill, Kristin Diable, and other yet to be announced guests.

Suncatcher from John Marks on Vimeo.

John Marks - Suncatcher (featuring music by Brute Heart's Crystal Myslajek)

Local director/artist John Marks has a glorious triptych of concurrent films called Suncatcher, and during this viewing of his work, he used music composed by Brute Heart's Crystal Myslajek. The combination is potent and quite moving, as the sedate but stirring films are augmented by Myslajek's haunting strains. There's a Warhol-like aspect to the films, as Marks gives grace and a simple poetry to the mundane, while Myslajek's composition breathes an added bit of life into the enthralling piece.


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