Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week begins with a stylish 3D video from Father You See Queen. We've also got new clips from Allan Kingdom, Hollow Boys, Bora York, DJ Snuggles & Sean Anonymous, Brilliant Beast, and Finger Pressure. We're also featuring Noisey's engaging profile on the Twin Cities music scene, Haley Bonar's Lowertown Line performance, and John Keston's inventive audio/visual set at Northern Spark. Enjoy! See Also: Top 10 best Minnesota music videos of 2014 (so far)

Father You See Queen - "Oceans"

Father You See Queen make a grand, stylish return with an ambitious 3D video for "Oceans," which was directed by Maria Juranic. The experimental short film was inspired by the comic Jeremiah, and the project itself was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, along with a Finishing Production Grant from Minnesota Women in Film and Television. The video comes together gloriously, as the wintry, ominous, octopi-filled images of the clip perfectly augment the saturnine sound of Father You See Queen. The local duo -- Marijuana Deathsquads' Mark McGee and Nicole Tollefson -- are in the process of recording an album, which they will release on Blood of the Young Records. It's great to have Mark and Mona back in the local mix, and this beguiling 3D video highlights their musical talents as well as all of the creative folks who brought the clip to dynamic life.

Made in Minnesota - Featuring the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Babes in Toyland, the Hold Steady, and Lizzo

The folks at Noisey decided to drop by the Twin Cities to dig a bit deeper into our local music scene and its storied history. This feature comes on the heels of their visits to Seattle and Denver, and captures plenty of the sights and sounds of what makes this area special. Director Lance Bangs does an inspired job providing striking images of the Twin Cities that will resonate with both longtime residents and outsiders. The clip features plenty of engaging interviews that provide a colorful backstory on the local scene, as Tommy Stinson, Bob Mould, Craig Finn, Lori Barbero, and Lizzo all give some insight on what made the Twin Cities so significant in the first place.

Allan Kingdom - "Souls"

We just named Allan Kingdom's Future Memoirs one of the 10 best Minnesota releases from the first half of 2014, and now the talented MC is back with a video for the album's spirited lead-off track, "Souls." Kingdom (who co-directed the clip) hooks back up with director Ben Hughes, who also put together his video for "Evergreens." This time Kingdom isn't playing quite so nice, as he brandishes a crossbow while also paying tribute to the lost souls who aren't around to guide us anymore. The clip not only highlights Kingdom's distinctive, energetic flow, but also the inventive beats provided by Allan and his co-producer Plain Pat. You can catch Kingdom live at our upcoming 10 Thousand Sounds Festival on July 26.

Haley Bonar - Live on Lowertown Line

Haley Bonar is another local musician who has risen to (inter)national prominence with a 2014 release, and she and her top-notch band dropped by the tpt studios in St. Paul back in April for a live performance as part of the Lowertown Line series. This video captures all of the magic of that day, as Bonar's songs and her light show lit up the room and everyone lucky enough to attend the intimate show. Dessa serves as host of the broadcast, and during an engaging, relaxed Q&A, Bonar sheds some light on her songwriting process and her South Dakota past. But it's her stellar new songs from Last War that ultimately make the show truly memorable, as they all take flight in the warm confines of Studio A.

Hollow Boys - "Melted"

Hollow Boys have put the finishing touches on their new album, Believe in Nothing, and "Melted" is the first of its blistering material. The album is due out on August 5, with a release show planned at Eagles Club on August 2 (with Gay Witch Abortion and Bombay Sweets opening). As for "Melted," the track is drenched in fuzzy guitars that echo the feedback-laden shoegaze of Creation Records. These are the band's dark thoughts about their new record: "It's the sound of being cut off from the outside world and left alone with your worst thoughts and feelings. It's about coming to accept the meaninglessness of life and the void that follows death. The truth revealed by a hundred days of sub-zero Minnesota weather is that America really is an empty, carcinogenic place and that our minds really are terrifying and disgusting." Color me intrigued.


Bora York - "Let Loose"

Bora York are back with "Let Loose," their first new song since their debut album, Dreaming Free. The buoyant, catchy track does just what the title suggests, as Chris Bartels and his band definitely ride their vibrant groove and get loose in the process. The video, which Bartels culled from archival public domain footage, adds to the sprightly nature of the summertime jam. The new track was just released on Neon Gold Records, and this single is the first of what should be a flurry of activity from Bora York, who are set to release a full-length sometime this fall. The husband-and-wife duo have a couple of shows set for the outdoor patio at Granite City at the Rosedale Mall on July 30 and August 6, where they will be playing two sets from 9-11 p.m. each night.

DJ Snuggles & Sean Anonymous - "Weight"

This spirited cut from DJ Snuggles & Sean Anonymous is drawn from Snuggles' new EP, That Beat. The video was directed by Dave Wilson, who captures some of the good times that go down in the Twin Cities once the weather turns nice. Big Cats provided the beats for the track, which builds from a mellow start to a rousing weekend jam, as many familiar faces from the local music scene make cameos in the clip. Sean is currently bringing his lively rhymes to a national audience as part of the Vans Warped Tour, playing to some of his biggest crowds across the country.

Brilliant Beast - "Crushdumb"

Brilliant Beast return with another fresh video from their recent release, Where Do You Want; this time out it's for the swinging centerpiece of the record, "Crushdumb." The clip appropriately splits the screen in fourths, to capture how each member of the quartet gets down in his own way to the catchy, irresistible beat of the track. The sunny vibes of the track are augmented by the playful nature of the band, who come across as a modern version of the Brady Bunch as the splitscreen video plays out. You can catch Brilliant Beast live at the 331 Club on Friday, July 11, as they are part of a bill with Bear the Sound, Hey, Remember, and Nostalgia.

Finger Pressure "Rasta Fury" from Martha Weir on Vimeo.

Finger Pressure - "Rasta Fury"

Bass-driven St. Paul outfit Finger Pressure offer up a suitably wild video for their single, "Rasta Fury." And indeed, the track has a hypnotic Rasta beat to it that will get you swinging while the droney bass line hooks you. The psychedelic vibes of the video complement the spacey, astral-tinged sound of the track, as Finger Pressure draw you in with their sedate sounds and carefree personalities -- always a winning combination.

John Keston - "Vocalise Sintetica"

Local musical alchemist John Keston consistently experiments with his sound, documenting his aural adventures on his appropriately named website, Audio Cookbook. For the recent Northern Spark, Keston worked up a truly original performance of "Vocalise Sintetica," which features plenty of his personalized sonic gagetry (a DSI Tempest, Bass Station II, Korg Volca Keys, and Memory Man Delay), as well as a complimentary visual accompaniment that adds to the inventive, beguiling audio/visual extravaganza. Keston recently was a featured speaker at the prestigious Moogfest in North Carolina, and this spellbinding performance of his, in addition to being part of Northern Spark, also vibrantly kicked off The Audible Edge, a traveling exhibition of sound art projects that explores the relationship between architecture and sound that will be running in the city through July 26.

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