Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

A new video from Caroline Smith begins this week's collection. We've also got new clips from Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, Kitten Forever, MaLLy, Teenage Moods, Gaines, Muja Messiah, L'Assassins, and a decidedly NSFW (but utterly brilliant) drone-shot video for Taggert and Rosewood. And if that wasn't enough, we've got a live performance video from Trampled By Turtles where the Duluth bluegrass outfit covers Yes. Enjoy!

Caroline Smith - "Half About Being a Woman"

Caroline Smith returns with a powerful new video for the title track to her celebrated recent record. "Half About Being a Woman" was directed and shot by talented local filmmaker Dan Huiting and edited by Lauren Josephine, and stars Caroline along with Emma Cook and Jesse Schuster. Smith shared this insightful statement about the video: "The other side of strength. As women, we have this wonderfully complicated duality in us -- sometimes we feel strong, and sometimes we feel weak. We often resent our vulnerabilities, but have to face them in order to move on and shamelessly accept ourselves. This is what being a woman is all about." This video, and the stirring, soulful song itself, illuminates that duality perfectly.

Sun Gods To Gamma Rays - "A Ghost to Find"

We recently had a chat with Sun Gods To Gamma Rays to discuss their new album, A Ghost to Find, ahead of their record release show at Icehouse this Friday. Here's the artful, cinematic clip for the title track to their new collection, which was directed by Joe Johnson. The mystical outdoor excursion video features a graceful trope of dancers with choreography by Elena Hollenhorst. It's a stylish clip for a beguiling number, one destined to be a part of their big show on Friday.

Trampled By Turtles - "Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes Cover)"

Out of all the potential songs that Trampled By Turtles could cover, this classic proggy Yes jam wouldn't find its way to the top of anyone's list. But the Duluth bluegrass outfit tackles the tune admirably for the AV Club's Undercover series, which has bands choose from a list of available songs to make their own. While the anthemic bombast of the original is mostly stripped away, TBT find their way into the heart of the number and deliver a stirring rendition that is colored by their own distinctive sound that has captivated local and national audiences for a while now.

L'Assassins - The Movie: Part One - Kill! Kill! Kill!

L'Assassins have launched a cool new video series of their own, and this is the first feisty installment of the ongoing short films set. Tyler Jensen wrote, directed, and edited the videos, while L'Assassins' music is featured throughout the new clips, which will be released -- one new video a week -- throughout the month of November. The songs are drawn from the group's lively and spirited new EP, which you can get here. This is merely the first video in the series -- you'd be well served to check out the other installments.

MaLLy - "Everything Else But Me"

MaLLy is back with a new video for his personal, impassioned jam "Everything Else But Me." The stark, simple video adds to the deeply revealing nature of MaLLy's rhymes, with Jason Ho artfully writing, directing, and editing the clip. The track is lifted off of the local MC's fantastic recent record, The Colors of Black, which consistently highlights MaLLy's deft lyrical talents, as well as the innovative beat makers he routinely works with, including Last Word, who produced "Everything Else But Me" and much of MaLLy's stellar recent work.



Taggert and Rosewood - "DRONE BONING/The Kink"

As if Taggert and Rosewood's first live show wasn't entertaining/mystifying enough (at the TGNParty back in August), now the creative partnership of Ryan Olson and Zach Coulter have just released a suggestive, voyeuristic video for a work they have salaciously entitled #DRONEBONING. The clip was conceived and directed by Ghost + Cow (Brandon LaGanke + John Carlucci) and shot on location in San Francisco, using drone footage captured by Spark Aerial. The brilliantly executed video features a song appropriately called "The Kink," which is drawn from Taggart and Rosewood's forthcoming debut album, The Killingest.

Kitten Forever - "Rat Queen"

The raucous garage rock trio Kitten Forever just released a killer new video for the blistering "Rat Queen," before hitting the road for a bunch of high profile gigs on the East Coast. The clip completes a trio of videos that the group released for their lively recent record, Pressure, and continues the untamed, party-vibes atmosphere of the previous vids. This one was filmed and edited by the band themselves, and that boundless DIY attitude permeates the entire clip -- and each rollicking release that the band has put out so far.

Gaines - "The Fallen"

The Crystal-based MC Gaines returns strong with a cinematic new video for "The Fallen," an inspired and potent new track that you can download for free at the rappper's Soundcloud page. The talented young MC is originally from Spokane, Washington, but relocated to Minnesota and has fallen in with some talented local folks in the area's hip-hop scene, including Toki Wright and Chance the Rapper. The poignant clip for "The Fallen" was directed by Robert Henry and shot by Dylan Curzon, and both artists inject their own vision into the striking video, which only augments Gaines's dynamic rhymes.

Teenage Moods - "Manic Again"

Simply put, Teenage Moods know how to have fun. And if the rousing music that makes up their new release, Rosebuds, doesn't immediately convey that fact, then this beer and pandemonium filled video for "Manic Again" should make it totally clear. The band even jokingly claim that the clip is a PBR commercial, and hopefully the brewery contacts the band and offers them some free suds to pay them back for the free advertising the group offers their brand. Teenage Moods are currently bringing their rousing rock jams on the road, hitting up some southern cities while things get cold back home, before returning to the friendly confines of the Triple Rock for what should be a lively night of pre-Thanksgiving music on November 25, along with Mean Jeans, Frankie Teardrop, and Kepi Ghoulie.

Muja Messiah - "It Goes Down (Feat. I Self Devine)"

Muja Messiah and I Self Devine don't pull any punches, figuratively and quite literally, in this politically charged video for "It Goes Down." This potent track is augmented by many disturbing images of police brutality, which gives the talented local MC's fiery lyrics some added weight and significance, while also clearly highlighting the abuse of power that has permeated our society. The video was directed by Mark Wojahn, and while the clips he shows us are shocking and appalling, they will hopefully bring attention to a problem that needs to be addressed -- and one that needs to change immediately. What went down in Ferguson, Missouri, wasn't just an isolated incident in this country, sadly enough.


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