Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week


This week's Local Frames features a double-shot of sorts from Frankie Lee. We're also featuring new videos from Strange Names, VATS, Hyperslob and the Goat Meat Explosion, Harrie Bradshaw, and Jordan Looney. We've also got live performance clips from Tree Blood, a North Shore Session from PHOX, and a Current in-studio session from Viet Cong. Enjoy!

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Frankie Lee - "Where Do We Belong"

Frankie Lee - American Dreamer

Frankie Lee's "Where Do We Belong" music video and the four-song short film, American Dreamer, arrive with Lee's new EP, American Dreamer. The Basement Tapes-tinged songs haven't seen any official release as of yet, and exist only in video form, with the stylish work of both Nate Ryan on "Belong" and St. Paul filmmaker Erik Nelson on the mini-film bringing the songs vividly to life on the small screen. Frankie is set to join Hugh Bob & the Hustle in April for a select run of shows, including their stop at the Clown Lounge at the Turf Club on April 12.

Strange Names - "Ricochet"

After relocating and signing to the tastemaking indie label, Frenchkiss Records, Strange Names will release their debut full-length, Use Your Time Wisely, on May 19. This new black-and-white video for "Ricochet" featues a slightly reworked version of the single. The clip was filmed in Brooklyn's Cheap Storage lofts, and was directed by Justin Sirzzotti and Daniel Hollis. trange Names are set to play a series of high profile show around NYC throughout April, at the Mercury Lounge, Alphaville, and Pianos.

VATS - SLOW EYES from Tim Krause on Vimeo.

VATS - "Slow Eyes"

The experimental Minneapolis noise-rock trio VATS have just issued a cool new music video for "Slow Eyes." The clip was directed by Tim Krause, who captures the band doing what they do best -- rocking a basement house party -- while also making a statement about how disinterested and uninvolved people can get in the modern era, and how we all need a jolt (or a baseball bat to our pinata head) to snap us out of it. And "Slow Eyes" -- the closing track on VATS recent limited-edition cassette, Today -- certainly does that and then some. The group is currently writing and recording new material.

PHOX - "Never Lover (North Shore Sessions)"

Madison/Baraboo, Wisconsin folk rockers PHOX recorded this North Shore Session when they were in Minneapolis recently, for their unreleased ditty "Never Lover." The group takes full advantage of their homey surrounding in this clip (affectionately directed and edited by Trent Waterman), with vocalist Monica Martin starting the song out in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on some pancakes while the band is generating their lilting melodies in the living room. They have high profile festival appearances planned for this summer (Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo) as well as a series of club shows across the country, before returning to the Midwest to play the Eaux Claires Festival in July.


Viet Cong - "Silhouettes (Live on the Current)"

The taut Calgary, Alberta post-rock quartet Viet Cong recently dropped by the Current studios for a live session while they were in town to devastate the 7th St. Entry. The group has taken a lot of flak for their inflammatory band name, but lost in the midst of that ongoing controversy is the simple fact that Viet Cong absolutely rocks, and that their self-titled release is one of the year's best. This blistering, tension-fueled live version of "Silhouettes" showcases the appeal of the band.

Hyperslob and the Goat Meat Explosion - "Pink Meet"

We keep things boisterous on page 2 of Local Frames this week, with a new video for "Pink Meet," from noise-rockers Hyperslob and the Goat Meat Explosion. The track kicks off the group's bombastic new record, Infectious Yarn, and the spooky, strobe-light drenched video adds to the venomous, unhinged nature of the track itself. The clip was edited by Teenage Moods' Gordon Byrd, who does a great job making what could have easily been a disjointed video something that is cohesive and visually quite striking. Catch Hyperslob and the Goat Meat Explosion at the Triple Rock on April 12.

Tree Blood - "I Want You To Cry (Live on Radio K)"

Tree Blood's recent blistering live session on Radio K featured thunderous jam, "I Want You To Cry." It is over in under two minutes, with the trio packing enough riffs and rhythms in to leave our ears ringing while wanting to hear more. The track anchors Tree Blood's forthcoming new cassette, I Am A Disgusting Pig, which is due out on Forged Artifacts on April 7. The band -- and their new single -- was also just given some well-earned praise by the tastemaking music blog, Stereogum, who premiered the track recently.

Jordan Looney - "Kickin It Heavy"

Jordan Looney was born and raised in St. Paul, but after finishing school at Northwestern, he moved to Chicago. The MC still remains tight with the Twin Cities, though, as evidenced by the Twin cap he is proudly sporting in this video for his buoyant new single, "Kickin It Heavy." The catchy track is the first song lifted off of his upcoming album, RIP TXLX, which should see release sometime in 2015. The clip, which features the Chicago skyline prominently in the background, was directed and edited by Josh Martin, who captures the party atmosphere that is illuminated by Looney's vibrant verses.

Harrie Bradshaw - "Best Party Ever"

Harrie Bradshaw is a local artist and drag entertainer, and "Best Party Ever" is his jubilant first music video. The video is filmed around plenty of recognizable locations throughout Minneapolis (including the Saloon), with many moments living up to the Best Party Ever tag. Bradshaw also manages to make some commentary on the social media-obsessed nature of our modern age, and how when we go out for a night, our activities don't take on much significance until we share it with our followers. The vibrant track was produced by DJ Naughty Boyy, and the celebratory video was directed by Dallas Curie. You can download Bradshaw's single on iTunes, as well.

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