Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week emphatically kicks off with a new video from the Cloak Ox, drawn from their new album, Shoot the Dog. We're also featuring a bevy of terrific new clips from Hastings 3000, the 757s, Bad Bad Hats, the Starfolk, Jenny Dalton, Monica LaPlante, and SIFU HOTMAN. We're also spotlighting the new Blind Boys of Alabama video, which was shot and edited by a team of talented local folks, and the new Quietdrive clip, which touchingly pays tribute to children who have lost their lives to cancer while focusing on the tenderhearted legacy they left behind.

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The Cloak Ox - "Pigeon Lung"

Our 2011 Picked to Click winners the Cloak Ox have just released their blazing debut full-length, Shoot The Dog, and this compelling video for "Pigeon Lung" is the first clip drawn from the new record. The video was directed and edited by Isaac Gale, produced by Andrew Broder (who also co-wrote the the treatment with Gale), and prominently features Lizzo as a compassionate waitress who shares a dance (and perhaps a joyride) with Phil Docken in the liberation-themed clip that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the song.

Hastings 3000 - "Speed Of Light"

This tense, theatrical clip for Hastings 3000's "Speed of Light" was expertly directed by Patrick Pierson. The track is one of the standouts on Hastings' recent record, A New Monster. As you'd expect from a Hastings 3000 video, the distinctive gas mask makes a prominent appearance, as does explosions, mysterious beams of light, and plenty of kick ass rock 'n' roll.

The Blind Boys of Alabama - "There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated at the Conference Table)"

The wonderful new album from the Blind Boys of Alabama, I'll Find A Way, is an exquisite collection of cover songs from the legendary gospel group, with the record itself produced by Justin Vernon. This lovely video for "There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated at the Conference Table)" was directed and shot by Dan Huiting and edited by Lauren Josephine, and features a soaring vocal contribution from White Hinterland's Casey Dienel.

Bad Bad Hats - "That Don't Impress Me Much"

Bad Bad Hats keep with the playful sports theme on their new video for their impassioned and unexpected cover of Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much." The group has some fun while taking to the basketball court to show off their hoops skills (or lack thereof), which tones down the biting nature of the original number, which Kerry modified just a bit by adding some lyrics of her own. You can download this cover for free (along with all of Bad Bad Hats other material) at the group's bandcamp page.

Quietdrive - "Even When I'm Gone"

This video by Quietdrive is not only a tribute to some of the young lives that we have tragically lost to cancer, but it is also a celebration of the legacy that they have left behind. The video and the song is part of a campaign involving the band, Rock the Cause (the local nonprofit label behind Zach Sobiech's "Clouds"), Children's Cancer Research Fund, and Team Kendal Kidz. All proceeds from the sale of "Even When I'm Gone" will be donated to the Team Kendal Kidz and Children's Cancer Research Fund to help find a cure for pediatric cancer.


The 757s - "Trick of the Light"

The 757s are back at long last, with a video for their new single, "Trick of the Light," which is drawn from their forthcoming new album, which they are currently in the process of mixing at Albatross Studio with the expert assistance of Mike Wisti and Tom Herbers. This pulsating, catchy track certainly bodes well for the new record, which will be released at some point over the next few months. They made their live return at the Turf Club last week, and hopefully once they emerge from the studio, the band will play around town more frequently in support of their new album.

The Starfolk - "The Great Unknown"

The Starfolk return with a striking new video for "The Great Unknown," a single lifted from the group's just released self-titled full-length on Korda Records. The Starfolk are led by the Hang Ups' Brian Tighe, with bandmate Allison LaBonne creating the stop-motion animated video from lovely iPhone photos she took. The tranquil isolation of her shots perfectly compliments the plaintive, contemplative nature of the poignant song. You can catch the Starfolk live at the upcoming Korda Records Showcase at the Cedar on November 30, which will also feature live performances from the Ocean Blue, the Jim Ruiz Set, and the Owls.

Jenny Dalton - "Over My Dead Body"

Local singer/songwriter Jenny Dalton has recorded with an array of diverse musicians over the course of her blossoming career -- from Cloud Cult to the Seawhores -- but on her new collection of spare, self-produced songs, she left the studio behind in favor of more organic home recordings. This new video for Dalton's "Over My Dead Body," is drawn from a recent solo performance on, and gives her fans a glimpse of her new direction and sound. Dalton has a residency at Cause throughout the entire month of October, with free shows set to take place every Wednesday night. She will have special guests (Aldine, Wizards Are Real, Panther Ray, Isadore, and many others) joining her for every performance, ensuring that every Wednesday in October there will be something special going down at Cause.

SIFU HOTMAN - "Whose Planet? Our Planet"

SIFU HOTMAN are back with their third video for "Whose Planet? Our Planet," which completes the dynamic trilogy of songs featured on their debut EP. The group unanimously agrees that this track is their favorite out of their three recorded songs, and after watching this blazing version, who can really argue with them. The clip, directed by PCP for Unique Techniques, is once again drawn from a live performance shot at Bellows Studio in St. Paul, and finds Guante and Dem Atlas dropping some fresh knowledge on top of Rube's hypnotic beats. If you are really down with what SIFU HOTMAN are doing, then you should definitely pick up the limited-edition 10-inch vinyl of their EP.

Monica LaPlante - "Cross My Heart"

This lovely new video for Monica LaPlante's "Cross My Heart" was done by Jarrod Tomlinson, an artist who creates much of Monica's artwork, flyers , and the installation work that adorned the stage at her recent record release show. The gorgeous video features clips from Jean Luc Godard's classic, Breathless, which dramatically suits the tones and tenor of the evocative, heartbroken track.

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