Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we get into things with a brand new video from the Minneapolis trio Is/Is, a hazy, diamond-vision clip that captures the enthralling spirit of their new single, "Hunter." We are also featuring a raucous Radio K in-studio performance by Marijuana Deathsquads that everyone should take twenty minutes and get down to -- it will treat you right. For those of you who were lucky enough to be at the 4onthefloor's raucous release party at the Turf Club, the band has released a brief recap video that collects some of the untamed energy in the room that night. We've also got wonderful new videos from Reckless Ones, Taj Raj, Villa Rosa (Maria Isa & Muja Messiah), Patches & Gretchen, 3Flection. We're also shining a spotlight on a new City Of Music video for Local Natives that was shot in Minneapolis and features interpretive dancers adding their own distinct flavor to the song. And, the Canadian quintet Chic Gamine took a moment while they were in town to shoot their new video in the Triple Rock. Enjoy!

Is/Is - "Hunter"

The dreamy, psychedelic shoegaze trio Is/Is are back with an ethereal video for their new song, "Hunter," which will be featured on their forthcoming EP, due out sometime in August. The band is intentionally rendered indiscernible by the blurred, diamond-vision effect used by Ronnie Lee, who shot the video, and Gordon Byrd, who edited it. That indistinct quality only enhances the hazy appeal of the song itself, and you just get lost in its charms. The band has a busy weekend ahead, playing at the Turf Club on Friday night in support of Heavy Deeds EP release party, and Saturday the trio are set to play at the Girls Got Rhythm Fest at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul.

Taj Raj - "Pollice Verso"

This stirring, heartbreaking clip for Taj Raj's "Pollice Verso" is drawn from the Minneapolis quartet's forthcoming new EP, Fine Hearts Alive, which finds the band heading in a more restrained musical direction than their rockier past while still maintaining the raw emotions that drew their fans in originally. The EP is due out on May 28 via Be Easy Music, and the group are celebrating with a big record release party on June 1 at the Turf Club with Bethany Larson & the Bee's Knees, Savannah Smith, and the Person & the People. Taj Raj are also playing the upcoming Sixty Five Roses Festival at the Pourhouse on June 9. The talented trio responsible for directing and writing the stirring cinematic clip are Colin Kopp, Jordan Sandvig and Benjamin Burwell, who do a great job bringing the poignancy of the acoustic-driven number to life.

Reckless Ones - "Desert Rose"

Minneapolis rockabilly trio Reckless Ones are back with a brand new self-titled EP, and they headed out to the deserted tranquility of Salton Sea out in Bombay Beach, California to shoot their first video from the new collection, "Desert Rose." The clip was shot and edited by Brian Goude, and finds the band playing their rousing new number against the stark backdrop of the deserted California wasteland. The group is set to celebrate the release of their new EP with a sure to be wild show this Friday, May 10, at Lee's Liquor Lounge, along with their friends in L'Assassins and Ross Kleiner & the Thrill. The trio then hit the road for the craziest tour imaginable, playing Lombard, Illinois, Moscow, Russia, and Bakersfield, California over the course of the next month. So, see them here while you get the chance.

Local Natives - "Bowery"

This striking City Of Music video for Local Natives' soaring new song, "Bowery," was shot while the band were in Minneapolis to play First Avenue back in March. And while the song truly soars, this video totally enhances the spirit of the song, with the elegant dancers adding their own stunning visual touch to the number. The clip was directed by Dan Huiting, with the choreography arranged by Bobby Maher. It's an expansive, sprawling production for City Of Music, and it's flawlessly executed and edited, with the graceful moves of the talented dancers augmenting the swelling emotions that build up in the track, before its grand release at the end. Just lovely, this.

Marijuana Deathsquads - Radio K In-Studio Session

To celebrate/promote their May residency at Icehouse, the untamed Marijuana Deathsquads crew rolled into the Radio K studios and properly set the place ablaze with an inventive, inspired set. This clip captures all 25 fitful minutes of their mesmerizing performance, with Poliça's Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson providing the rowdy rhythms on drums, with P.O.S. also adding sonic texture to the enthralling songs. After their wild run at Icehouse draws to a close, MDS are set to hit the road with Solid Gold in June. But if you like what you see and hear in this indelible studio session, get down to Icehouse before the month is up and experience this musical madness in person.


Villa Rosa (Maria Isa & Muja Messiah) - "Street Luv"

Maris Isa certainly doesn't stay idle for long. Shortly after putting the finishing touches on her last album, The Latina Ritual Project, the singer/rapper became inspired to fuse her urban Latino sound with a sexy pop pulse, and set to work on her brand new record, Latinization, with the help of producer and songwriter Young Menace. The first track lifted from that new album is "Street Luv," with Isa once again collaborating with Muja Messiah as Villa Rosa. The catchy, sultry clip, draws visual inspiration from America Beauty, and catches the creative pair fluidly blending their talents over a bouncy pop beat.

3Flection - "Televisions To Mirrors (Feat. O-Lay and Rachel Dawley)

3Flection is a young MC who was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, but moved to Minneapolis. "Televisions To Mirrors" is taken from his forthcoming new record, Adapt & Evolve, which is due out this summer, and features contributions from Doomtree's Sims. This track, which contains one of the freshest hooks you'll hear (thanks to the soaring vocals of Rachel Dawley), is critical of the media and all facets of society that continue to cloud the truth, and brings a refreshing social awareness edge that is lacking in a majority of modern hip-hop.

The 4onthefloor - Spirit Of Minneapolis Album Release Recap

Back on April 4, the 4onthefloor had a raucous record release party at the Turf Club, and this brief video clip, shot and edited by MoveMint, captures some of the energy and enjoyment of the night, both from the fans and the band's perspective. The new album certainly is catching on locally as well as nationally, and the band is hitting the road for the next few months to share the enduring spirit of Minneapolis with the rest of the country - catch them if you can.

Patches And Gretchen - "FlowerBox"

Minneapolis duo Patches and Gretchen are back with a new record, Even Breaks, and their first video for their new collection of songs is the spare, guitar and spoken word-driven "FlowerBox." The art-house clip was shot on a dreary day at Faces Etc Of MN on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis, with Gretchen Seichrist handling the art direction, while Ryan Swan produced and directed the clip along with the assistance of executive producer Melissa Martin, who all add their own distinct flair to this imaginative song and video.

Chic Gamine - "Shake Off Your Worries"

The soulful Winnipeg/Montreal quintet Chic Gamine rolled by the Triple Rock Social Club to film this uplifting new video for "Shake Off Your Worries." The soaring, vocal-driven clip not only captures the gorgeous vocals of the four ladies, but also gives a glimpse of a completely empty Triple Rock in daylight, something I don't think I've ever seen. The video was directed by Edgar Martin (who also handled the cinematography), and hopefully Chic Gamine return sometime to bring their stirring sound to a packed Triple Rock full of their area fans.

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