Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we launch our sixtieth installment of Local Frames with a video from Haley Bonar, to promote her forthcoming record due out in spring of 2014. We've also got new clips from Frankie Teardrop, Kitten Forever, Bigtree Bonsai, Step Brothers, Fathom Lane, BBGun, and Pennyroyal. We're also featuring two terrific videos from a recent MN Original episode, one being a live performance from local MC Greg Grease, and the other a fascinating profile on First Avenue's house photographer, Dan Corrigan. Enjoy!

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Haley Bonar - "Last War"

Haley Bonar has kept her fans waiting long enough. "Last War" is a first taste of her new record, her first full-length since 2011's Golder. This video, directed and edited by Dan Huiting, finds Bonar running through abandoned streets looking for something that she never quite finds, as the song and the scenery builds in intensity around her. The excitement around Bonar's new batch of tunes is only bound to build after this first single, and gives local music fans something more to look forward to in the spring of next year.

Dan Corrigan - MN Original profile

Venerable Twin Cities photographer Dan Corrigan has seen it all over his 17 years as First Avenue's house photographer, and in this revealing MN Original profile, the talented artist shares some of his wonderful stories from the other side of the camera. Corrigan has been taking pictures in the Cities since 1981, and has captured indelible images of nearly all the big names in music that have either originated here or rolled through here over the years, including the iconic shot of the Replacements that graces their Let It Be album cover. This feature on Corrigan could have gone on for another hour and I would have been just as enraptured by his stories, his techniques, and the countless images that tell the history of music over the past four decades.

Frankie Teardrop - "Chicago"

Frankie Teardrop's blistering 25-minute set was one of the highlights of this past weekend's BNLXFest II, and right before he played an unruly version of "Chicago," Frankie said "Hey Minneapolis, I just want you to know that I hate this fucking city." It wasn't entirely clear if he was referring to Minneapolis or Chicago (I think it was the former), but it really didn't matter, as his set was packed with a punkish, brash attitude that served his raucous material well. This video for that infectious track was directed by Rachel Collier, and captures the rowdy spirit of the song perfectly.

Kitten Forever - "Double Disco"

I seriously want to be invited to a Kitten Forever party. They just look like so much damn fun. This uproarious clip for "Double Disco," directed and edited by Teenage Moods' Gordon Byrd, captures the band and a whole host of their wild, costume-clad friends at a roller-rink. Rocking and awesomeness ensues. This is the second single off of the band's excellent LP, Pressure, on Guilt Ridden Pop, and anyone in need of a music-fueled adrenaline rush should definitely check out Kitten Forever's records and their lively videos as well.

Sugardown by Fathom Lane from Fathom Lane on Vimeo.

Fathom Lane - "Sugardown"

Fathom Lane are set to celebrate the release of their self-titled second album at Icehouse this Saturday night(along with fellow Local Frames favorite Batteryboy), and to get their fans even more excited about the show, the group just released this lovely new video for "Sugardown," one of the standout tracks from the record. The video -- created by Jeremy Krzmarzick, Josh Becker, Maranatha Wilson, and Michael Ferrier -- has a spare, elegant beauty to it, just like the songs on Fathom Lane, and is led gently forward by frontman Michael Ferrier's refined guitar work and evocative vocals. The group has taken an assertive creative step forward on their new album, and if you want more proof you should head to their show on Saturday.


Bigtree Bonsai - "Rollin' Down The Road"

Bigtree Bonsai are set to release their lush new record, Awoken, at the Cedar Cultural Center on December 13, and "Rollin' Down The Road" is the spirited first single lifted from the record. The gorgeous lyric video for the track was directed by Jordan Dibb at the Wildernesses, and the clip perfectly captures the sprawling spaciousness of the song itself. Awoken was recorded at Pearl Studios with producer Jake Dilley from Color Pharmacy, who will be one of the opening bands, along with Taj Raj, at Bigtree Bonsai's record release show. The group spent a lot of time on this record, and the lush, stylish results are a testament to both their hard work and their talents, with the upcoming year shaping up to be a good one for the band.

Greg Grease - "I Still Love H.E.R. (Feat. Lizzo)(MN Original Session)"

Greg Grease has been churning out one stylish video after another since he released his stellar debut album, Cornbread, Pearl & G, and his equally impressive follow-up EP, Black King Cole. And now, the folks at MN Original are wise to the burgeoning MC's talents and distinctive flow, and brought him in for this riveting live session. Grease's lyrical cohort Lizzo drops by to add her vocals to the captivating mix, with DJ Just Nine and Mike Frey creating the hypnotic texture of the track, all combining fluidly to form a stellar live performance that should certainly wake up anyone in the Twin Cities who is still sleeping on Greg Grease at this point. Catch Grease along with the Cloak Ox and Wiping Out Thousands (how about THAT for a triple-bill!) at the Entry on November 27.

BBGUN - "Heavy"

BBGUN are a rock trio -- a local supergroup of sorts -- comprised of Al Church, Neil Perbix, and Jeremy Hanson. The group's rollicking collection of songs captures the individual musical strengths of all of its members, while at the same time highlighting their adaptability and cohesion, no matter what the project is or where it leads. This spare, restrained clip for "Heavy," done by by One Light Collective, is essentially the band setting up and playing in your living room, and the results are as awesome as they sound. BBGUN are set to open for Gingko at the Entry on December 13, which should be a lot of fun amongst friends and fellow music lovers.

Step Brothers - "Step Masters"

Step Brothers is the smooth, funky new collaboration between Alchemist and Evidence, and "Step Masters" is the first video and single from their forthcoming new record, Lord Steppington, coming out on Rhymesayers on January 21. The playful clip for "Step Masters" is directed by Jason Goldwatch, and finds Evidence and Alchemist locked in friendly competitions for fastest beer chug, first to get a strike in bowling, and Dance Revolution, amongst other contests of high skill and daring. Exactly what you'd expect from these two talented artists, who are combining their skills in Step Brothers and seem poised to have a big 2014.

Pennyroyal - "Baby I'm Against It"

This gorgeous, striking new video for Pennyroyal's "Baby I'm Against It," was created and directed by Heather Kraft. The artistic paper cut-outs featured in the clip only add to the song's wistful, heartening message, while also reinforcing the track's spare sentimentality. The group just had a successful release show for their fantastic new record, also titled Baby I'm Against It (which was produced/engineered by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio), and this strong batch of tunes should garner them plenty of attention in the coming months and beyond. But for now, just watch this moving video and swoon -- but don't be sad.

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