Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

We kick things off this week with a new video from Twin Cities quintet Speed's the Name, who are set to release a new record at the end of this month. We've also got a fresh clip from Big Quarters, along with a two-fer featuring Ed Ackerson -- his BNLX crew just released an awesome new video, and the Dutch rock band Nikoo just put out an EP featuring Ackerson's guitar work throughout, and they released the first video from that new collection. We're also spotlighting a gorgeous, Dan Huiting-directed City Of Music video for Low, as well as a touching clip of Bob Dylan paying tribute to Bobbie Vee at his recent Midway Stadium show. We've also got an an old Night Moves live clip, as well as a pair of recent in-studio sessions from the Hang Ups (The Current) and Oaks (Radio K). Enjoy!

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Speed's the Name - Holy Ghost from Speed's the Name on Vimeo.

Speed's The Name - "Holy Ghost"

Twin Cities quintet Speed's The Name are set to release a brand new EP called No Planets Exist on July 30, and have released a studio clip for one of the tracks from that forthcoming collection, "Holy Ghost." The vibrant song is an intoxicating blend of guitars and synths, all enhancing the penetrating quality of the track itself. If "Holy Ghost" is any indication, the new EP should help Speed's The Name emerge as yet another local band to pay close attention to as the year goes on.

Big Quarters - "Urgent Care (Ft. I.B.E.)"

"Urgent Care" is the second single lifted from Big Quarters recent EP, Somos No Joke, and this time out the crew enlisted local MC I.B.E. to lend his talents to the raucous, lively number. The video was shot in Powderhorn Park, and was directed and edited by Medium Zach, and follows the group as they give plenty of life to the spirited track.

BNLX - "Devil You Know"

BNLX take aim at plenty of recognizable landmarks throughout Minneapolis in their new video for "Devil You Know." Director Tal Tahir drew from various clips shot by Christian Erickson, Howard Day, Marcus Metropolis, and Mike Minehart to compile the video, which features a live performance from the band at Cause as well as them defacing many different spots throughout the city -- all in good fun, mind you, as the band claims that "No physical or musical institutions were harmed in the filming of this video." Look out for the group playfully defacing the star of Ackerson's former band, Polara, on the First Avenue wall as they make it known that nothing is really sacred anymore.

NIKOO - "The Coast (Ft. Dazzled Kid)"

BNLX's Ed Ackerson also lends his distinctive guitar talents to the new EP from Dutch rocker NIKOO's new EP, and the group offers up the first taste from that collection with the noisy squall of "The Coast." The striking video was directed by Marco Fettolini and Carola Robert, and captures the madcap adventures of some fun loving figurines while the song builds wildly around them, pushed along by Ackerson's fiery guitar work.

Low - "Clarence White"

This gorgeous new video for Low's "Clarence White" is part of Dan Huiting's City Of Music series, and the haunting clip perfectly captures the emotional depth of the song itself. The video shifts elegantly from live performance shots interspersed with evocative images of taxidermy, which only adds to the hushed, doleful nature of the track itself, before the track and the video both bare some teeth as the number goes on.


Bob Dylan - "Suzie Baby (Live at Midway Stadium)"

Bob Dylan typically says only a cursory word of thanks (if that) at his live shows, so for him to make a small speech professing his admiration and appreciation for Bobby Vee, Dylan's early mentor and bandmate back in his younger days, was a pretty momentous and moving occasion. Vee was in attendance at Bob's Midway Stadium show, and Dylan paid homage to one of his musical heroes by tenderly covering Vee's "Suzie Baby" during the performance, one of the highlights of the set. For those who want to relive the moment, or for those who weren't there but want to see and hear the tribute, here's a fan shot video of the performance.

P.O.S. - "Fuck Your Stuff/All Of It (Pure Volume Session)"

Typically, P.O.S. feeds off the electricity provided by the crowds he's performing in front of, but this Pure Volume Session finds the MC and his DJ Ander Other playing to an empty studio and having to bring the energy all by themselves. And this one-two punch of "Fuck Your Stuff" and "All Of It" are both dynamic and quite playfull, with Stef asking Ander how he feels about sports and admitting that he likes field hockey (?!) in between delivering his lyrical fury. It takes a moment for the spark to fully ignite, but when it does, this performance becomes quite memorable.

Oaks - "All Mine (Live On Radio K)"

The hypnotic duo Oaks recently dropped by the Radio K studios for a wonderful in-studio session, highlighted by this enthralling take on "All Mine," the lead-off track from their recent EP, Field Beat. The group just played a great show with Kitten Forever at the Hex, and is set to play at the Good Style Shop in Madison on August 10, with hopefully some more local live shows coming in the near future.

The Hang Ups - "Comin' Through (Live on the Current)"

The Hang Ups recently dropped by the Current studios to play a lovely (and quite rare) live session for the station, featuring this terrific take on "Comin' Through." The often unsung group was recently chosen as the Current's Artist of the Month, which lead to them bringing the band in for the session. The Hang Ups' singer Brian Tighe's new band, the Starfolk, are set to release their new full-length album next month on Korda Records.

Night Moves - "Colored Emotions (Live at Psychic School)"

This fan-shot two-year-old clip of Night Moves playing an early version of the title-track to their recent record captures the band in the nascent stages of their evolution. The hypnotic rhythm and pulse of the track is still quite apparent, even if singer John Pelant's vocals are slightly muffled. This 2011 performance comes from a Mammal Stories fundraiser at the Psychic School basement, and gives you a hint of the early talents that lead Domino Records to eventually sign the band.

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